Sunday, September 24, 2017

Madey did nothing for Sarawak for 22 years!

The guy who said Malaysia is going bankrupt and he cannot to pay the salaries for his cook and maid (which he says Najib sacked) arrives in Kuching today via private jet.

Country no good lah, oppressed lah.... but flies here and there on private jets all the time.
Whose money? Crony money or party money or anak money?

Sarawak DAP leader Chong Chieng Jen is hailing the impending 24th Sep 2017 first ever visit by Tun M to Sarawak in his capacity as the chairman of Pakatan Harapan.

Chong said that Tun M is now the person who will save Malaysia from becoming a failed state and that Tun M is the "key element to the CHANGE.

Chong called upon Sarawakians to meet and greet Tun M.

I will NOT attend and I will tell you why.

Chong' s sudden praise of Tun M after calling him evil for so many decades makes me want to vomit. This is hypocritical politicking of the lowest kind that I simply cannot stomach.

As a Sarawakian, has Chong forgotten that it was under Tun M that our state fell behind the rest of Malaysia despite our state's riches?

Is he unaware that it was Mahathir who robbed Sarawak of much of our rights? Our oil revenue stolen and given to build his twin towers, his KLIA, his egoistic grand projects in Malaya while Sarawak suffered and fell behind?

It is only this year that Sarawak finally got our own oil company, Petros.

It was Mahathir who stole our Bakun dam where thousands of hectares of Sarawak territory suddenly came under the ownership of the Federal Govt - a sad situation that was only recently reversed based on efforts started by our much-loved late Tan Sri Adenan together with PM Najib.

While Malaya had spanking new highway infrastructure built using our oil wealth, Sarawak was left to suffer with third rate dangerous roads. It is only now under Najib that we have a Pan Borneo Highway that is completely toll free.

To add insult to injury, not only did Mahathir steal our oil but he imposed a 58sen per liter tax on our petrol refined from our own oil - a practise that was only abolished in 2004 - the year after he retired.

It was Mahathir who gave us toll in 2001 to 2003 - the Lanang Bridge, the ASEAN Bridge, the Tun Salahuddin toll - all reversed and abolished under Adenan in partnership with Najib.

It was Mahathir who unilaterally declared Malaysia as an Islamic state and it was him who amended RUU355 in 1984 to introduce caning punishment and it was him who was so nice to amend the act again in 1989 to extend RUU355 to Sabah and Sarawak.

It was Mahathir who gave us the Cabotage policy that forced Sarawakians to pay higher prices than in Malaya - no doubt that also helped his son who owned shipping companies then. It is only this year that Najib abolished this highly discriminating policy.

It was Mahathir who gambled on the international tin market in the early 1980s that led to the collapse of Malaysia's tin industry which we have never removed and led us to a bad recession in 1985.

It was Mahathir who made BNM bankrupt in the early 1990s after RM33 billion was lost - never to be recovered, which weakened us again we came under attacked and destroyed our economy in 1997-1998.

Recently, Mahathir conveniently says he "tak tahu" that BNM gambled on FOREX to the tune of hundreds of billions and lost RM33 billion.

Both in the Tin and the FOREX scandal. the EPF accounts of Sarawakains were robbed to bail him out.

It was Mahathri who oversaw our Ringgit dropping from RM2.40 to RM4.80 until he cowardly pegged it to RM3.80 - a huge 60% drop.

And DAP says Mahathir is the one to save Malaysia?

We must remember that even in 2015, our beloved Tan Sri Adenan said that Najib has done more for Sarawak than the past 5 Prime Ministers combined.

Adenan reserved particularly strong criticism for this ex-PM of 22 years whom he says had neglected Sarawak and seldom came to visit us . In Mar 2016, Adenan pointed out that Najib had already visited Sarawak 46 times since becoming PM 8 years ago - many more times than Mahathir ever did in his 22 years.

It is telling that 18 months after leaving UMNO and more than one year after forming his racist PRIBUMI party,  Tun M is only now just making his first ever visit.

It is also regretful that the top central leadership line-up of Harapan does not even have a single Sarawakian or East Malaysian in it.

This shows how much Tun M and Harapan cares about Sarawak.

I will listen to Tan Sri Adenan and I will reject your Tun Mahathir.

And Chong, I may even reject you and DAP if you continue to grovel at the feet of and sing praises of this vile creature whom the entire DAP had condemned for decades was the culprit who destroyed Sarawak and Malaysia

No. I will NOT go an greet Mahathir and his circus show with DAP Sarawak.

There is no way I can stomach this.

Sarawakians were not brought up to be hypocrites.

Conversely, I will curse them silently from a distance.

Thank you,
A Sarawakian who still has pride.

Dr. M seldom visited Sarawak when he was a PM; less than 10times.

He must be desperate for Sarawak support now!

He is already 92years old and it is not likely he will come back again to see us in future years.

However the way he sacked the 5 Supreme Court Judges who were only doing their work cuts deep into my heart. They suffered especially our very own the late Datuk George Seah who had to follow his son and stayed in Labuan in the final years of his life.

I will not be tempted to see his face let alone hear him speak.

FB Tan Khai Beng

Oh wow... Mahathir is speaking live in Kuching now and he says his hands are tight as the Petroleum Development Act was drafted and approved before his time hence he cannot do anything about the royalty or funds given to Sarawak.

This is probably the lamest excuse I have ever heard - better you use "Aku Tak Tahu" as your excuse  instead.

DUDE!! You had 2/3 majority all the time you were in power and could have easily have repealed the law if you didn't think it was fair.

And plus, the PDA does NOT restrict how much money you can channel back to Sarawak in the respective budgets each year or approve development projects for Sarawak.

Heck, you did not even bother to visit Sarawak much. In fact, few people can remember when was the last time you had visited Sarawak before today.

Najib is also bounded by the same PDA act but that does not stop him from vising Sarawak way more often, working closer with the Sarawak Govt, giving more autonomy to Sarawak, selling Bakun back to them, approving and funding a proper Pan Borneo Highway and allocating more funds to Sarawak.

AKU TAK TAHU LAH, Mahathir if this is the sort of lame excuses you want to give Sarawakians.

Bound by the PDA and the act was not your problem... LMAO!!!

You should stop letting DAP write your speeches for you because the "Not my fault but he previous BN Govt fault" excuse much used by the Penang DAP govt is no longer laku.