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Kesetiakawanan dan defisit keyakinan: Dua cabaran BN


Dua laporan Utusan Malaysia mengetengahkan dua cabaran utama BN

Najib yakin Ahmad Zahid mampu galas tanggungjawab dalam semangat setiakawan

03 Ogos 2015 12:09 PM

PUTRAJAYA 3 Ogos - Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yakin kewibawaan Timbalan Perdana Menteri yang baharu iaitu Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi dapat membantu beliau dan anggota Kabinet yang lain dalam menggalas tanggungjawab bagi memenuhi kehendak rakyat dalam ikatan dan semangat setiakawan.

“Saya percaya di atas kewibawaan beliau dapat membantu saya dan anggota-anggota Kabinet yang lain dalam satu jaringan dan ikatan yang kukuh dan semangat setiakawan yang jitu untuk menggalas tanggungjawab dan amanah berat iaitu memenuhi kehendak dan aspirasi rakyat,” katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika mengalu-alukan kehadiran pertama Ahmad Zahid pada perhimpunan bulanan Jabatan Perdana Menteri (JPM) di sini hari ini. - BERNAMA


PM mahu penjawat awam atasi situasi ‘defisit keyakinan’

03 Ogos 2015 8:51 AM

PUTRAJAYA 3 Ogos - Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak mahu penjawat awam memulihkan keyakinan orang ramai terhadap kerajaan dan mengatasi situasi yang digambarkan sebagai ‘defisit keyakinan’ oleh sesetengah pihak.

Najib pada masa yang sama mahu semua pihak memandang ke hadapan dan tidak sesekali hilang fokus.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika berucap dalam perhimpunan bulanan Jabatan Perdana Menteri di Bangunan Perdana Putra di sini hari ini.

Yang turut hadir Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi; Menteri-Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri dan Ketua Setiausaha Negara, Tan Sri Dr. Ali Hamsa. - UTUSAN ONLINE


Walau bagaimana perkumpulan dan acara UMNO dan BN boleh dianjurkan, keutamaan BN sekarang adalah untuk membangkitkan kesetiakwanan sesama sendiri dengan meningkatkan solidariti dan mengurangkan pergeseran.

Yang lebih penting adalah diluar parti di mana kepimpinan perlu mengurangkan defisit keyakinan terhadap kerajaan dan kepimpinan. 

Ramai ke yang boikot PM di Klebang Melaka?


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bila DAP, PKR, Suaram dan Bersih nak akui terima dana dari judi haram, PAP dan CIA?


Satu cadangan Dato Najib yang baik.

DAP beranikah dedahkan jumlah yang Pap Spore beri.

Pernah kami dedahkan Kit Siang "cuti" duit sumbangan Pap masuk akaun sendiri sejumlaj RM150 juta yang disimpan dalam akaun bank di luar negara.

Kini DAP membina dana perang untuk pilihanraya dari kegiatan judi haram. Maka inilah sebab Dato Zahid mahu dibenteras kegiatan haram DAP yang merosakkan masyarakat serta alif ba ta.

PKR pula memang diketahui ramai duìt dari Soros dan US Covert Op.

Berani ke mereka berdua dedahkah?

Sudahlah keling, sila dedahkan sumber wang Suaran dan Bersih.

BERSIH Chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah, denied yesterday (pic) that they are being funded by NED - only by the NDI and the OSI.

The NED, the overt arm of the CIA, is widely suspected of "regime change" activities and protecting USA interests overseas - hence the virulent denial by BERSIH that it is NED funded. 

Who wants to be accused of receiving funds from a group known to subvert democracy and cause (many times, violent) regime change, right?

 Ukraine, China and all the Arab Spring countries can tell you all about the NED,

 Unfortunately, what BERSIH did not tell you is that the funds from NDI comes from NED!  NED itself says ( it has a "special relationship with four core U.S. grantees that represent the building blocks of a democratic society" - one of it is the "NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS (NDI)" "

"Each of these four grantees receives an equal portion of NED’s grant budget – and each program is carefully developed with NED program staff and approved by NED’s board of directors, just like any other grantee.".

 This means that 25% of NED's annual grant budget given by the USA govt is given to the NDI, which then funds BERSIH.

 As for the OSI (Open Society Institute) mentioned by BERSIH, it is now known as the Open Society Foundation (OSF). It was founded by George Soros in 1993 and was reported to have spent USD11 billion (RM41b) so far on the same goals as NED.

 (George Soros' foundations also owns 29% of MalaysiaKini)

 In fact, both organizations are closely linked and normally works together. There is much information and proof about their close collaboration.

 George Soros was the person who attacked Malaysia's economy in 1997-1998 and famously said to Tun M to "See you at 5" - meaning he was going to attack us until the Ringgit is 1USD = RM5.

 Therefore, BERSIH is funded by the overt arm of the CIA for regime change and the person who has attacked Malaysia's economy and profited from it.

Don't be naive!

These people fund you because you are doing exactly what they want you to do. They don't just throw money around for no reason.

 Two days ago, BERSIH had said it will hold simultaneous BERSIH 4.0 overnight rallies in Kuala Lumpur, Sabah and Sarawak on 29-30 Aug. ((

 Word is that they target 1 million protesters.  

Ex-BERSIH chairperson Ambiga had also threatened Malaysia two days ago that we must "form a temporary non-partisan govt NOW or face Sri-Lanka style street protests." via BERSIH 4.0. (

 If threatening us to dissolve our current govt and form a new temporary govt is not considered as regime change, then I don't know what is - and this aim is consistent with BERSIH's own admitted funder, the NDI and OSI and in default, the NED.

This threat is why Ambiga is being investigated by PDRM under Section 124 of the Penal Code for activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy (aka toppling govt) and her statement was recorded yesterday (

 This could also be the reason why PM Najib, when addressing the Haj Pilgrims who was sponsored by 1MDB, said this yesterday:  "Please pray the country is safe, pray for the leaders, where the people would determine who would be in government and who would fall, not outsiders or foreigners," (

 If you may like or dislike Najib but our democracy and our sovereign rights should not be determined by foreign agents and foreign nations who fund traitors in our midst.

 Being led by them and supporting their acts is as good as supporting treason. Spread the word on this. Malaysians determine our own destiny - Not "them".

 --- A slightly more detailed version of my post on BERSIH and NED below - with more pictures, links and explanations including a very revealing video is here:

Bila pulak Zahid nak tutup media sosial?


Yang kata minta tutup sosial media adalah Hamizun. Meme ni tipu ...

Padan bulan Februari mantan Menteri MCM Dato Shabery Cheek ada menyangkal rancangan tutup media sosial.

Lunaskan kata-kata TPM dan KDM untuk tangkap mereka yang buat fitnah dan menipu di media sosial dengan niat huru harakan negara.

Tangkap juga Sim Tze Tzin yang reka-reka cerita


Suka buat cerita untuk.huru haraksn negata dan hilangkan kepercayaan rakyat pada institusi kerajaan.

Tangkap Tian Chua cuba keliru keputusan magistret tahan reman Rashpal dan Jessica


Special Branch raids deputy public prosecutor’s office at MACC for 1MDB documents.

Special Branch officers spent two hours raiding the office of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) deputy public prosecutor Ahmad Sazilee Abdul Khairy last night, taking documents related to investigations into 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), sources from the anti-graft agency said.

Sazilee, who is on secondment to MACC from the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC), was arrested yesterday in connection with allegations that money from a government-linked company went to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's personal accounts.

It was learnt that Special Branch, the police's intelligence unit, went to Sazilee's office at MACC's Special Operations division in Precinct 3, Putrajaya, where they seized documents and a laptop.

Among the documents seized were those detailing the scope of operations for the 1MDB investigation. Earlier in the day, the police had gone to Sazilee's house in Precinct 11.

The Special Operations division is in charge of MACC's investigations into 1MDB and SRC International Sdn Bhd, sources said. MACC is part of a government task force that is probing into 1MDB as well as allegations reported by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) had flowed through 1MDB-linked companies into Najib's personal bank accounts at AmBank in Kuala Lumpur.

Of the total amount, US$11.1 million (RM42 million) had originated from SRC International and was channelled through other companies – Gandingan Mentari and Ihsan Perdana – before it ended up in Najib's accounts in transactions conducted between December 2014 and February this year.

The WSJ, which reported this on July 2, said it had sourced this information from Malaysian government investigators. Najib has denied taking 1MDB funds for personal use, but has not directly addressed the fund transfers. The accounts concerned that were in his name at AmBank have since been closed. Following the WSJ's report, the special task force announced that it had raided SRC International, Gandingan Mentari and Ihsan Perdana.

SRC International also had its bank account frozen. Five people were also arrested two weeks ago to facilitate investigations into SRC International and have since been released from remand.

SRC International is now a Finance Ministry-owned company but was once a subsidiary of 1MDB. It drew controversy when it took a RM4 million loan from government pension fund Retirement Fund Inc that was guaranteed by the federal government. Sazilee's arrest yesterday was the third by police of individuals from agencies involved in the task force.

The other two arrested were Tan Sri Rashpal Singh, a former MACC adviser, and Jessica Gurmit Kaur, an officer with AGC. Sazilee, Rashpal and Jessica were freed at midnight after questioning. Besides MACC and AGC, the other two agencies in the task force probing into 1MDB are the police and Bank Negara Malaysia. Police have said they are investigating alleged leaks of official information on the probe to foreigners.

MACC meanwhile, has denied that the alleged leaks had come from its agency after website Malaysia Today named Rashpal in an article, accusing him of having met Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown in the UK over information about 1MDB. Sarawak Report, which is now blocked in Malaysia by the Internet regulator, has been carrying exposes about 1MDB that implicate Najib. Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar yesterday said that the arrests of Sazilee, Rashpal and Jessica were in relation to police reports lodged against Rewcastle-Brown, who has been accused of being in a foreign conspiracy to topple Najib. – August 2, 2015. -

See more at:

NOTE: Betul ke SB yg tangkap? Bukan kerja SB ... TMI ni betul ke laporan????

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Lagi ramai yang shopping, tengok-tengok dari yang demo di Sogo


#KitaLawan : Tak Sampai 100 Orang Hadir Demo Minta Najib Berundur
By editor August 1, 2015 : 2:27 pm

Kuala Lumpur, 1 Ogos – Berdasarkan kepada situasi terkini, dianggarkan tidak sampai 100 orang hadir dalam demo di SOGO hari ini.

Ramai yang tengok saja
Pendemo sorang lagi ramai camera man

Sebelum ini anggota Sekretariat #KitaLawan, Fariz Musa berkata fokus untuk menumbangkan Perdana Menteri, Datuk seri Najib Razak merupakan keutamaan kepada gerakan itu pada masa ini.

Katanya, kredibiliti Najib yang terpalit dengan skandal 1Malaysia Development berhad (1MBD) semakin diragui apabila merombak kabinet bagi menyingkirkan timbalannya baru-baru ini.

Hakikatnya 1MDB sedang dalam penyiasatan namun mereka mengambil keputusan untuk menghukum Najib sebelum siasatan selesai. Selain itu pasukan petugas khas telah ditubuhkan selain daripada audit forensik yang bertujuan untuk mengesan sebarang salahlaku.

Tindakan para pendemo yang didalangi oleh pembangkang dianggap satu tindakan untuk merosakkan dan menghuru-harakan negara dengan tindakan yang cukup tidak bertanggungjawab.

Berita selanjutnya menyusul kemudian.

Bodohlah mereka ni ... 

Berita berikut: Ada pendemo di tangkap. Lihat SINI, SINI,  dan SINI.

Ada beberapa pemimpin demo seperti Adam Adli dll telah ditangkas polis sebelum ini. AMbiga pun patut dicekut.

Ini bukan tunjuk perasan aman untuk tujuan tertentu tapi niat nak huruhara dan tumbangkan kerajaan secara haram.

Demo ini game old school. Dah tak laku ... hanya game Melayu dikuda Cina DAP. Tapi nyuasahkan Melayu.

Political funding not illegal, Suggestion to regulate opposed by DAP


Political Funding: Addressing a reality

First, let’s talk facts. Political donation is legal in Malaysia.

If you have special preference for a political party and believe in their struggle, you can help them achieve their goals by donating your money and/or assets. Truth be told, you can donate any amount you like: 10 ringgit, 1000 ringgit or even a million – or a billion ringgit for that matter – if you have that kind of amount to spare.

Looking back, I used to be a member of the MACC's Special Committee on Corruption for a span of 5 years (2008-2013). I know for a fact that those fine men and women of the MACC have been trying to get political parties to agree to a more transparent procedure when it comes to political donations. MACC has said that they aspire to have all donations officially declared in the name of transparency and accountability.

When the MACC came up with the notion of political funding reforms, the first head of a political party who supported the idea, would probably surprise you. It was none other than Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak, the Chairman of Barisan Nasional and UMNO President who publicly declared his support to the MACC's proposal and wanted it to be implemented and co-opted under the Government Transformation Program's initiative.

One of the first parties to object to the funding reform was DAP. The reason given by DAP was largely self-serving – and what a huge disappointment that had been. DAP's leaders said they feared that the reform would put DAP at a disadvantage.

On 1 December 2010, in a meeting with Transparency International – Malaysia (TI-M) with Pakatan Rakyat’s members of parliament, Tian Chua was reported in the minutes of the meeting to have said, “he feared that full disclosure would hurt their contributors and consequently the financing for the opposition, the fear is that the donors might be prosecuted by the winning coalition for supporting the losing coalition in any general election. This would result in a substantial decline of income source for the loosing coalition”. DAP’s Rasah MP Anthony Loke said essentially the same in a Bar Council Forum about political funding on 29 September 2011.

Going along the same argument, why couldn’t Pakatan Rakyat reveal since 2008 the donations they have received from businessmen and individuals in the two richest states they governed – Penang and Selangor – in Malaysia? Clearly the fear of backlash as cited by Tian Chua and Anthony Loke was just a lame excuse and not done in the best interest of transparency.

Everyone knows that the opposition parties are quite savvy in raising funds for their operations. It is also an open secret that they receive political funding from interested businesses and individuals, not to mention from the traditional but effective fund-raising dinners held almost weekly (if not nightly). While no one will be surprised if the funding comes from domestic sources, many people have been speculating that opposition parties also receive funding from foreign sources, too. Some seem to be disguised as NGO funding for the advancement of democratic ideals. Or so it would seem.

Coming back to matters at hand and with that strong objection from DAP, the political funding reform initiative was effectively shelved – it became a non-starter. It never took off. It stalled. Until now many people couldn’t believe why DAP – a political party that prides itself as reformist party – didn't accede to the idea. It seems to many people political contribution for DAP is very crucial. Thus any disruption to the free flow of political funding would be disastrous to DAP's grand plan of Malaysian Malaysia. Otherwise, an unequivocal rejection by DAP of a sure slam-dunk reform initiative like this seemed very odd indeed. No thanks to DAP, Malaysia has lost a great opportunity to address the growing concerns of secrecy regarding political funding in this country.

So, I find it rather perplexing that lately the likes of Tony Pua and Lim Kit Siang have been hypocrite enough in demanding Dato' Sri Najib to reveal the sources of political funding for BN and UMNO, when they have maliciously rejected the political funding reform initiative in the first place.

I recall in minute detail a debate I had in parliament after the 12th general election. I asked DAP MPs how did DAP get so much money to build their new spanking multi million state headquarters in Penang within a mere 2 years of Lim Guan Eng becoming the Chief Minister. After alI, I said it took Gerakan a long 12 years to build its state headquarters which happens to be just an ordinary premise. And I reminded DAP not to forget its socialist roots, which includes loathing anything that smacks of grandeur. As if on cue, several DAP MPs rose to their feet and started hackling me in the middle of my speech. One of them, Ngeh Koo Ham, DAP’s MP for Bruas, shouted across the divide, that DAP had plenty of supporters who were willing to donate their money for DAP’s cause.

On another occasion, during the Permatang Pauh election in 2008 (when Anwar Ibrahim stood as parliamentary candidate), for the first time in my whole political career, BN was absolutely out-spent in terms of logistics and election machinery e.g. posters, banners and campaign activities. I remember, every time BN party workers planted one BN flag, within 2 hours it would be drowned by hundreds of opposition flags. Whenever BN put up sizeable banners, the opposition would outdo us with twice the magnitude within half a day.

It is clear that without huge political donation, there is no way for the opposition parties to run their massive election machinery.

Based on this ethos of political funding, BN is familiar too to such pursuit. It is my hope that Tun Dr Mahathir does remember his blog posting, which was published on 13 June 2008, where he admitted that he handed over RM1.4 billion – in cash and assets – to the then newly minted UMNO president, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2003. That was the value of UMNO's cash and assets back then. Fast forward 12 years to the present day, taking into consideration inflation over the years and the greater challenges to fund UMNO and BN state liaison committees in the 4 states (namely Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan) which they lost since 2008, I won't be surprised if the leadership has to be more proactive to solicit more funding from its supporters and donors.

All said and done, there is now a louder demand to regulate political donations and the opposition especially DAP can't ignore it anymore. But until such monumental leap of faith becomes a reality within the opposition's coalition, one should never be deluded enough to hold the higher ground against another.

​Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan
Director of Strategic Communication,
Barisan Nasional

31 July 2015

Baru 22hb Dr Shamsul di reman, tak lojik deraf dakwaan dah sedia


Laporan salah seorang Pengarah Ihsan Perdana ditahan reman bertarikh Julai 22hb. Tapi Sarawak Report dah bocorkan kononnya deraf tuduhan dah sediakan.

Ramai pulak percaya atas lojik ia kononnya ada kaitan dengan video terbaru Tan Sri Muhyiddin.

Ada menyangkal penafiaan AG baru dan beri alasan ianya tak cukup rasmi selagi tiada penafian sendiri dari Mantan AG, Tan Sri Gani yang baru diberhentikan.

Lojik atau saja tak mahu percaya. Lojik yang jelas adalah siasatan perlu selesai baru boleh buat kertas dakwaan atau tuduhan. Baca berikut:

MACC: No draft charge sheets as former 1MDB subsidiary still under probe

Published: July 31, 2015 03:05 PM GMT+8

KUALA LUMPUR, July 31 ― There are no draft charge sheets as alleged by whistleblower site Sarawak Report as the graft probe on a former subsidiary of the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) has yet to be completed, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said today.

The MACC said it has yet to send investigation papers from its probe on SRC International Sdn Bhd ― formerly under 1MDB ― to the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC).

“MACC stresses that the investigation on SRC International is still ongoing. Therefore, there is no issue of there being draft charge sheets in relation to this case that is being investigated,” the commission said in a statement.

The MACC repeated its statement yesterday that it was still tracking down several key witnesses to complete its probe on SRC International ― a firm which is now parked directly under the Ministry of Finance.

1MDB ― owned by the Ministry of Finance ― is under probe by a special taskforce that includes the AGC, the police, Bank Negara Malaysia and the MACC.

Earlier today, newly-appointed AG Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali shot down Sarawak Report's claim as false and that the alleged draft charge sheets do not exist.

Apandi said the purported charge sheets were written in the wrong format, pointing out that it would not be legally possible to prepare charges while investigations are still ongoing.

- See more at:

Oh ya ... adakah ini sebab Tan Sri Gani tak bersuara? Baca Unspinners SINI

Bila tarikh Ghani Hasim akan telanjang di Parlimen?


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Harap-harap betul MH370 dijumpai


Memetik dari blog Belia Bangkit berikut:

TERKINI : Serpihan Pesawat Dijumpai Terdampar di Pantai Pulau Reunion Timbulkan Spekulasi Dari Pesawat MH370. Lagi gambar-gambar di bawah.

Reunion Island – Serpihan pesawat yang tidak dikenali dijumpai terdampar di Pulau Reunion, Timur Madagascar, menimbulkan spekulasi serpihan itu dari pesawat MAS MH370 yang hilang lebih setahun yang lalu.

Beberapa gambar serpihan pesawat itu dikongsi oleh pengguna media sosial yang teruja dengan penemuan terbaru itu.

Seorang pakar penerbangan Perancis mendakwa beliau mungkin sudah menjumpai serpihan pesawat Penerbangan Malaysia (MH370) yang hilang di perairan Malaysia pada Mac 2014. 

Bekas juruterbang tentera, Xavier Tytelman yang kini pakar dalam bidang keselamatan penerbangan menerima panggilan telefon daripada seorang penduduk di Pulau Reunion, di Lautan Hindi. Lelaki berkenaan menghantar beberapa gambar yang menunjukkan serpihan pesawat itu dan beliau berkata, ia mungkin milik pesawat hilang berkenaan. 

"Saya sudah mengkaji beratus gambar dan bercakap dengan rakan-rakan," katanya kepada The Telegraph. "Dan kami semua fikir ia mungkin sayap pesawat Boeing 777 - pesawat yang sama seperti MH370. 

"Polis di Pulau Reunion yang memeriksa serpihan itu berkata ia mungkin berada di dalam air kira-kira setahun, bermakna ia mungkin merujuk kepada MH370. "Kami tidak dapat pastikan tapi kami fikir mungkin ia merujuk kepada pesawat berkenaan," katanya. 

Kehilangan pesawat berkenaan yang membawa 239 orang di dalamnya membingungkan penyiasat dan menyebabkan ahli keluarga serta waris masih tercari-cari jawapan. Beberapa teori muncul mengenai pesawat termasuk pesawat itu mendarat di Diego Garcia atau terbang menuju ke Korea Utara. 

Baca sepenuh di Belia Bangkit SINI
Harap betullah agar ianya dapat mengakhiri pelbagai spekulasi bukan-bukan. Perlu keluar balik teori bukan-bukan yang merepek-repek.

Dulu marah Gani, Syukurlah dapat Apandi


Parti Melayu dok kelahi, DAP tambah pengundi


Dong Zong pun kelahi sesama sendiri


Syabas Gerakan Harapan Baru! Kg Mutiara Batu Feringgi nak roboh!!!


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Sarawak Report siar dokumen fake!!!!!


Sarawak Report Buat Fitnah Lagi Portal yang berpangkalan dari London itu sekali lagi memaparkan cerita palsu tentang waran tangkap Dato Seri Najib Razak.

Format Waran Tangkap bukan begitu. Waran Tangkap mesti ada nombor rujukan laporan daerah Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah yang terbabit.

Dalam waran tangkap palsu yang dibuat oleh Sarawak Report itu, nombor itu tiada. Yang dibuat oleh Sarawak itu adalah format kertas pertuduhan. 

Pertama, Sarawak Report mengelirukan rakyat antara kertas pertuduhan dan waran tangkap. Dokumen yang disebar itu nampak seperti satu kertas pertuduhan dalam bentuk draf.

Keduanya, dokumen draf kertas pertuduhan segini boleh direka oleh sesiapa sahaja. Kalau saya letak nama kamu dalam kertas pertuduhan membunuh dan mula menyebarkan di blog, facebook dan Whatsapp malam ini. Benda itu pun orang akan percaya.

Berapa ramai antara kita yang pernah tengok kertas pertuduhan dan waran tangkap?

Semalam mereka meniru suara Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan dan menyebarkan di internet dan sosial media untuk mencipta persepsi negatif pada kerajaan.

Malam jumaat yang indah ini diganggu. Mereka buat pula draf palsu pertuduhan daripada London. Rakyat Malaysia pula yang jadi tukang percaya dengan portal fitnah dari luar negara ini.

Sebelum ini Sarawak Report ini menipu "money trail" guna Powerpoint. Siapa pun boleh buat rajah begitu dan letak nama sendiri kononnya dapat duit berjuta juta.

Kali ini guna Word pula untuk fitnah dan berusaha untuk jatuhkan kerajaan. Sudah sudah lah, janganlah kita terperangkap dalam fitnah dajal ini.

Bagi menyekat fitnah yang menyerang umat Islam Malaysia dari segenap penjuru ini, maka perlulah umat Islam hari ini menyemak dahulu sesuatu berita.

Jangan mudah sangat terima apa sahaja tanpa semak dulu kesahihannya.

Firman Allah SWT dalam surah al-AnFal ayat 25 bermaksud:

"Jagalah olehmu akan fitnah yang tidak menimpa ke atas mereka yang zalim semata-mata dan ketahuilah bahawa Allah sangat dahsyat siksaan Nya."

Moga kita semua terselamat dengan fitnah akhir zaman.

Dr Ahmad Umar
Lawyer & Peguamcara.

Bersih yang dulu kritikal nak buat demo pertahan Gani Patail?


Bersih ada buat kenyataan mempersoalkan pemberhentian Tan Sri Gani Patail sebagai tidak ikut procedure. Mereka juga merancang mahu buat demo bersih 4.0.

Kami petik dari TFK berikut:

Peguam Negara (AG) yang baharu dilantik, Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali berkata, penamatan khidmat Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail dilakukan mengikut Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang tidak memerlukan sebuah tribunal bagi menentukan perkhidmatannya.

Dalam satu kenyataan hari ini, Mohamed Apandi berkata, artikel dalam perlembagaan yang memerlukan tribunal bagi penamatan khidmat AG telah digantikan dengan klausa baharu di bawah Akta (Pindaan) Perlembagaan dan berkuatkuasa pada 16 September 1963.

"Di bawah Fasal (5) Perkara 145 sedia ada, peguam negara memegang jawatan selama diperkenankan Yang di-Pertuan Agong," kata Apandi.

"Oleh itu cara penyingkiran yang dirujuk dalam klausa 6 Artikel 145 Perlembagaan Persekutuan tidak terpakai kepada peguam negara yang dilantik selepas 16 September 1963.

"Demi kepentingan pentadbiran keadilan, adalah perlu bagi orang awam tidak dikelirukan hingga menganggap keadaan sebaliknya,” katanya.

"Walau apapun, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail tidak pernah dipecat atau diturunkan pangkat dalam Perkhidmatan Kehakiman dan Perundangan," kata beliau.

Semalam, Ketua Setiausaha Negara Tan Sr Dr Ali Hamsa dalam satu kenyataan berkata khidmat Abdul Gani selaku Peguam Negara telah ditamatkan berkuatkuasa 27 Julai atas sebab-sebab kesihatan. - Bernama


Cuba baca TMI SINI akan pandangan tak akan join Bersih 4.0. Tak ada orang datang punya... muka-muka sama dan berbayar saja.

Zahid tidak puashati prestasi polis benteras judi?


TPM arah polis perangi kegiatan judi 100 peratus 

Rabu, 29 Julai 2015 - 11:51PM

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi berkata, beliau telah mengarahkan polis supaya meningkatkan lagi usaha memerangi kegiatan perjudian di seluruh negara "memandangkan usaha itu sejak empat bulan lepas dilihat kurang berkesan".

Timbalan Perdana Menteri berkata kegiatan itu perlu diperangi 100 peratus dan beliau tidak akan berkompromi dengan pihak yang cuba melindungi kegiatan judi termasuk anggota dan pegawai polis.

"Empat bulan sudah langkah-langkah kita lakukan dengan hebat melalui Ops Cantas Khas, kita lakukan pembersihan (rumah-rumah judi) tapi saya dapat laporan tumbuh kembali.

"Bukan sekadar amaran, mana-mana pegawai dan anggota polis, individu, NGO atau kumpulan tertentu yang memberikan perlindungan kepada rumah-rumah judi tidak akan pernah terlepas daripada tindakan," tegasnya.

Beliau yang juga Menteri Dalam Negeri berucap merasmikan Majlis Jamuan Aidilfitri Warga Perumahan Polis Desa Tasik, di sini malam ini.

Ahmad Zahid turut meluangkan masa beramah mesra dengan penduduk setempat dan menyampaikan duit raya kepada kira-kira 30 anak yatim yang dijemput ke majlis berkenaan.

Turut hadir Ketua Polis Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Tajudin Md Isa

Pada majlis itu Ahmad Zahid turut mengumumkan kesediaan kerajaan untuk menyalurkan peruntukan sekurang-kurangnya RM500,000 bagi membaikpulih dan menaiktaraf kemudahan Perumahan Polis Desa Tasik.

Perumahan Polis Desa Tasik merupakan kawasan perumahan terbesar dihuni seramai hampir 6,000 orang terdiri dari pelbagai kaum termasuk dari Sabah dan Sarawak. - BERNAMA


Selanjutnya di :

Ini ulangan arahan benteras judi yang pernah dibuat oleh Zahid dan juga IGP. Dengan ulangan ini, ini bermakna ia bukan sesuatu yang "mudah lupa" tapi masih diingat.

Implikasi judi haram begitu luas dari segi sosial, ekonomi, kewangan kerajaan, dan juga politik. Judi haram membiayai politik DAP dan ini yang buat mereka besar kepala!!!

TSMY digugur tak keluar parti, Ummi Hafilda pula perasan primadona


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Atas dasar prinsip, TSMY dipercayai yang mahu undur sebagai "gentleman"


Mungkin orang ramai terkejut dengan pengguguran Tan Sri Muhyiddin tapi sudah lama juga peramal politik jangkakan.

Malah dipercayai hal ini sudah tersebar dari.lepas raya.

Kemungkinan besar TSMY bukan digugurkan tapi sendiri undur diri secara gentleman untuk mudahkan Dato Najib selesaikan masaalah seperti 1MDB.

Jika tidak, masakan mereka kelihatan begitu mesra sekali di rumah terbuka CIMB:

Muhyiddin dan Najib ada perbezaan dari segi prinsip versus praktikal dalam pengendalian 1MDB.

Namun tidak seperti reaksi yang ditunjukkan Tun Musa dan Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Muhyiddin hormati kuasa melantik Najib dan undur secara gentleman.

Baca kenyataan Muhyiddin berikut:



Alhamdulillah, saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada YAB Perdana Menteri kerana telah memberikan peluang kepada saya untuk berkhidmat dalam pentadbiran kerajaan persekutuan sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri bermula 10 April 2009.

Saya juga mengucapkan terima kasih kepada semua ketua-ketua jabatan, pegawai-pegawai kerajaan, pemimpin pertubuhan bukan kerajaan dan semua pihak yang telah menyokong saya sepanjang saya menjalankan tugas sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

Saya menerima keputusan YAB Perdana Menteri untuk menggugurkan saya daripada kabinet dengan hati yang terbuka. Saya menghormati kuasa prerogatif YAB Perdana Menteri untuk melantik dan menggugurkan mana-mana anggota kabinet.

Sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri, saya telah terlibat secara langsung dalam pembuatan dasar-dasar kerajaan dan melaksanakan tugas-tugas yang dipertanggungjawabkan kepada saya dengan penuh amanah. Selama saya berkhidmat, saya sentiasa mendokong semua dasar kerajaan dan menyokong kepimpinan YAB Perdana Menteri.

Kecuali dalam isu 1MDB, saya mempunyai prinsip dan pendirian saya sendiri dalam mempertahankan hak rakyat, namai baik parti dan kepentingan negara. Jika kerana pendirian saya dalam isu ini menyebabkan saya digugurkan daripada kabinet maka saya redha.

Saya akan sentiasa setia kepada perjuangan UMNO. Sebagai Timbalan Presiden UMNO, saya akan terus melaksanakan amanah yang telah dipertanggungjawabkan kepada saya dan mencurahkan khidmat bakti saya demi memperkukuhkan parti serta mengembalikan keyakinan orang Melayu dan rakyat kepada UMNO.

Kepada Allah saya berserah.

27 Julai 2015

Manakala Najib juga jelaskan asas pertukaran kabinet:

Prinsip collective responsibility dan kabinet yang bersatu perlu dalam menghadapi masaalah untuk selesaikan. Kabinet bukan tempat untuk retorik tapi lebih praktikal menyelesaikan masaalah dan merancang masa depan.

Sesuatu yang tak mungkin berlaku.
Muhyiddin bukan musa Hitam atau Anwar Ibrahim.

Muhyiddin bukan macam Musa yang merajuk lepas digugurkan dan mulanya konon-konon nak acah-acah guna jawatannya. Tapi akhirnya mencari regu dengan Tengku Razaleigh untuk lawan Tun Mahathir.

Muhyiddin bukan macam Anwar Ibrahim yang sanggup gadaikan kepentingan alif ba ta demi kuasa dan dendam.

Dia akan tetap berperanan sebagai Timbalan Presiden UMNO dan memberi timbal balas dengan berhemah.

Ucapan Muhyiddin di UMNO Bgian Cheras bukan benda baru tapi dah ada dalam ucapan Janda Baik yang di viral oleh orang Zahid.

Intipatinya bukan mengkritik 1MDB tapi pengendaliannya yang lemah dan akibat politik. Dipercayai ada banci yang dilakukan menunjukkan kedudukan UMNO begitu meruncing sekali.

Kesemua kerisauan ini sudah disuarakan oleh Muhyiddin pada Najib.

Ketika mesyuarat Bahagian tersebut, begitu ramai sekali wartawan yang mana agak luarbiasa. Difahami ia dipanggil oleh pihak Muhyiddin. Sebaik saja berita tersebar, Najib pun buat penguman kabinet.

Setakat ini Muhyiddin tiada rancangan untuk gerakan bala tentera untuk lawan Najib. Maka ia membuat Unspinner rasakan ia sesuatu yang dilakukan dan persetujui kedua2 pihak serta pihak lain yang bertelagah.

Terima kasih Tan Sri dan pasukannya.

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