Saturday, February 24, 2018

Isu Quinoa untuk tutup kegagalan kelangsungan polisi Mahathir

Makanan superfood baru yang sesekali dimakan oleh Perdnaa Menteri Dato Najib untuk menjaga kesihatan. Ianya agak mahal tetapi jumlah dimakan sedikit dengan dicampur dalam salad sebagai sumber karbohidrat.

Apabila jumlah yang menggunakan Quinoa meningkat, mana kuranglah harganya. Nampaknya hal ini dijadikan isu oleh Mahathir untuk menggambarkan Najib sebagai hidup mewah dan boros.

Itu usaha  jahat Mahathir untuk melarikan perhatian masyarakat kepada kemewahan, kekayaan dan keborosan dirinya dan anak cucunya berbelanja dan gaya hodup mereka.

Ia juga hanya menunjukkan sikapnya kepada polisi ekonomi Najib yang lebih adil dan saksama kepada semua rakyat.

 Mahathir masih mempertahankan tol.
Negara pasti bankrup jika terus ikut dna kekalkan polisi belanja boros Mahathir dan mega projek yang urang kesan membantu rakyat jelata.

Setakat isu Quinoa pun nak jadikan isu.

Kalau nak main kasar, boleh ...

Rakan FB berkata:

GE14 will be about 40 horses vs none, Yearly horse-riding in Argentina vs none and beer vs Quinoa.
It is disappointing when senior leaders such as Lim Kit Siang, Tun Mahathir and MPs such as Lim Lip Eng latches on to a comment from our PM Najib regarding his personal choice of food to keep fit and stay healthy.

Now these people are trying to make quinoa into a major election issue. Are the Pakatan leaders so desperate that an issue like this needs 3 Pakatan leaders to highlight?

Perhaps these people should be given a mirror so that they can see how hypocritical they are.

Kit Siang now says this election is about Quinoa versus Rice.

Perhaps Kit Siang should ask Harapan PM candidate Tun Mahathir how much it cost to feed his 40 horses every month?

Just two years ago, Tun Mahathir had revealed to MalaysiaKini that he keeps 40 horses.

Or how much does it cost for Tun's yearly horse-riding vacation to Argentina - a revelation that Tun Mahathir had made on national TV a few years ago.

I would bet that Tun's horse-riding hobby would cost many times more in a year compared to a daily diet of Quinoa 365 days for the entire year.

And Kit Siang should also ask his son how much does he spend on beer and whisky per year as Guan Eng has been pictured more than once to enjoy a glass or a mug.

I am also sure Lim Lip Eng indulges in beer or whisky more than once per year.

A single pint of beer in the establishments that Guan Eng has been pictured in would surely cost more than the 250-gram packet of Love Earth Organic Quinoa which Lim Lip Eng found to cost RM14.79

And to paraphrase Lim Lip Eng:

This episode alone was sufficient grounds not to vote for Tun mahathir, Kit Siang and Guan Eng in the coming general election.

This kind of opposition leaders does not know that his people are facing economic hardship.

“If ordinary folk can substitute rice with rearing 40 horses, yearly horse-riding trips to Argentina, or with beer and whisky then Malaysia's income level must be higher than high-income nations. But this is not the case,”

I urge the people not to support Pakatan as they appeared to be oblivious to the increase in prices of goods and cost of living as well as oblivious to the fact that they are such petty hypocrites.

And to paraphrase Lim Kit Siang:

GE14 will be about 40 horses vs none, Yearly horse-riding in Argentina vs none and beer/whisky vs Quinoa.

It's also about petty hypocritical opposition opposition leaders vs someone who sincerely wants to make Malaysia a better place.

Eric See-To.