Monday, April 17, 2017

Outsyed: Keling penipu macam Mahathir, Pondan macam Rafizi

Dahlah penipu sama keling macam Mahathir, letak posting turunkan. Penakut takde telor macam rafizi.

Takut pulak kena saman dan dikenakan undang-undang perihal Fake News:

Menipu tidak menjadikan blog bertambah polupar. Sampai masa pihak berkuasa akan catch up ....hal Fake News adalah sesuatu yang serius di luar negara.
Ikut Jerman denda fake news €50 juta

Mana tidak, apa saja dia tulis mesti menipu

What kind of person is this OutSyed The Box?

He seems to have NO PROBLEM lying thru his teeth time and time again - and then delete his posts.

Today, he claimed that "hardly 50 to 200" people attended the Ekspresi Negaraku event at Putrajaya launched on Saturday

"Where is the crowd?  They must have spent at least RMx million on something like this.  There are hardly 200 people in the crowd. Minus the Rela guys, the office staff and the other gomen hangers on, hardly 50 people turned up to listen to the Moron. Such is his popularity.  There are more people waiting for the bus at the Kampong Kerinchi Bus Stop. " wrote the lying Mahathir loyalist blogger.

Any fool can go to any instagram account or twitter account and see the photos taken by people who attended or read the newspaper coverage of that event.

Or watch the videos here:

Estimates were 7,000 people and this lying fool says 50-200 people?

How many times you want to lie? Have you no shame? 

Looks like it wasn't just PKR Strategy Director Sim Tze Tzin that tried to fool a fast one today on ex-AG Gani Patail's picture.

Blogger Syed Akbar Ali's also tried to do the same in his latest post on "Outsyed The Box", 

In fact, he was even more imaginative and wrote:

"Here is a photograph (pic) that I received. No reason to doubt its authenticity :

This is a picture of the former AG Gani Patail with an armed Police escort. Rest assured that this is not his regular bodyguard. I dont know if he had one.

This is Gani being escorted out of his office after he was let go. No farewell ceremonies, no final punch out event etc. Escorted out by an armed guard. What a way to treat an Attorney General."

Quite the imagination that Syed Ali has. 

I wonder where he got the information that Gani was escorted out by an armed guard who is not his regular bodyguard on the last day of his office?

Especially since the picture came from the 20th May 2013 Sinar Harian article titled "8 rakyat Filipina didakwa lancar perang terhadap Agong"

And in that same blog-post, Syed Ali also tried to pull a fast one on the remand order for the two detained MACC persons.

"Latest news is the Police have failed to get a remand order for Tan Sri Rashpal and Jessica Kaur.

The other two, Tan Sri Rashpal Singh and Jessica Kaur, will be released tonight after police failed to get a remand at the Petaling Jaya police headquarters this afternoon."

Which is also untrue as they are still detained and Police has specifically DENIED their remand application for the two was rejected:  

"Police deny that the remand application by the police was rejected. The following tweet is meant to confuse the rakyat".

Amidst the crackdown and power-struggle, there seems to be a lot of mis-information and dis-information coming out from the Pro-Tun blogs right now.

One thing about Syed Ali Akbar's blog is that he keeps deleting his old posts - as if he does not want anyone to have access to his old blog posts and no longer wants to stand by it.  Not very ethical, methinks.

 I say.... in the hurry by Syed Akbar Ali (aka Outsyed the Box) to slam PM Najib, Syed  may have gotten himself into trouble.
A youth group today lodged a police report against Malaysiakini and blogger Syed Akbar Ali for a picture it published featuring rice bags for flood victims with pictures of PM Najib.

The group, Briged Kesatria Muda Malaysia, said the picture was "manipulated" to make it seem that stickers with Najib and Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob's faces were pasted on the rice bags.

However, the person in the photograph has denied this and says the images were photoshopped. ( )

The picture was first published by pro-Umno blogger Syed Akbar on his blog Out Syed the Box, and reproduced by Malaysiakini after the portal sought confirmation and comment from Ismail Sabri.

Syed Akbar had used the picture in a blog post questioning the government’s handling of the floods. Syed Akbar has since removed the blog post earlier but a cached version is still available.

It seems to be Syed Akbar's habit recently to quickly publish baseless evidence and then remove them - once was the 1MDB article a month back and now this.

Steady lah, my ex-favorite blogger Syed... you wanna whack Najib but do it fairly and don't rely on RBA-style dirty tricks and slander, okay? Boleh, tak?

Nanti your name and IC number gets listed in the MCMC list for questioning together with all the other shameless RBAs then very malu!
Bila berita yang dijana sebegini, masuk akal ke teori politiknya berikut:

Teori bodoh politik Outsyed konon nak pecah tapi PPBM yang gelora

Tambah lagi, dia bukan camppur orang UMNO pun.  Dia Keling, keluarga dan kawab ramai PKR, ada keluarga dia perasuah terbesar dan rugikan kerajaan beratus billion!


  • Anonymous says:
    April 17, 2017 at 3:49:00 PM GMT+8

    Keling cilaka buat malu kerabat2 SYED yang keturunan Arab.

  • Anonymous says:
    April 17, 2017 at 4:31:00 PM GMT+8

    Dulu saya suka baca blog Outsyed The Box.
    Tuan blog selalu menasihati pembaca untuk merujuk kepada Alquran jika ada masaalah.

    Sekarang beliau banyak mengeluarkan post yang mengandungi berita palsu dan di deletekan dalam beberapa hari,seolah2 baling batu sembunyi tangan.

    Kalau anti kerajaan pun,janganlah sampai menipu.Suruh orang rujuk ke Alquran,tetapi diri sendiri tidak bersih.Apa nak jadi tu?

  • Anonymous says:
    April 17, 2017 at 11:51:00 PM GMT+8

    Azeez baling tu melayu ke? Hitam mcm paria je.

  • rahman says:
    April 19, 2017 at 11:13:00 PM GMT+8

    Di Malaysia Mana mungkin blh kena tañgkap,yg rasuah sapu duit berbillion pun masih tiap2 hari keluar tv