Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mahu jadi PM umur 100 tahun, sanggup jadi MAHA-LIAR!

Sila ikuti pendedahan bekas pengasas dan setiausaha PPBM berikut:

Tanpa malu dan segan Madey fitnah dan sabotaj negara.

Dia kata Malaysia paling korup tapi sebenarnya dia yang korup ....malah pakar swindle dan rugikan negara.

Mahathir is a pemfitnah besar.

Today, he said Malaysia is top ten most corrupted but we are not even in the top 100.most corrupted.

In fact, we are top 126th most corrupted country i in the world out of 176 countries - which also means we are the 55th LEAST corrupted in the world according to Transparency International Corruption Perception index.

And then Mahathir lied again saying:

"And now a deputy minister had been caught telling a lie that the Malaysian A.G. had asked for information on 1MDB from the Swiss A.G. which the Swiss promptly denied."

This is despite MalaysiaKini already apologizing twice for their error in saying Deputy Minister Razal had lied.:

Mahathir says nobody respects Malaysia but yet we can see that our tourism arrivals have jumped tremendously last year and in the first 3 months of this year.

The USA had also praised us for our handling of the North Korean incident as had the crown prince of Japan who came to visit Malaysia last week.

In fact, Malaysia is so "not respected" that King Salman of Saudi Arabia made Malaysia the first stop of his visit to Asia two months ago where he even invested RM31 billion in Malaysia.

And then last month, French president Fran├žois Hollande'came to visit Malaysia.

Not to mention that Malaysia was accorded the utmost respect when Najib went to both China and India within 6 months and signed RM300 billion worth of investments.

Mahathir is such a liar. So old and yet he lies thru his teeth. Despicable being.

He says that foreigners read a lot of bad things about us. But these are the exact bad things that Mahathir and his Pakatan group writes about us.

In fact, the USA and Switzerland and Singapore investigations are caused by Malaysia's own people making reports and passing partial documents to them.

So, the lying Mahathir and their people are the ones directly trying to sully the reputation of Malaysia and now he is saying Malaysia's reputation is sullied due to their own actions and words.

No wonder when their founding member Kamarulzaman resigned 2 days ago from Mahathir's party along with 821 members, one of the reason he gave why he was leaving is:

"The PRIBUMI party will do anything to bring down the govt using wrong facts that are based on illogical lies. This is worrying because this will affect the country's economy and we should not be sabotaging our own economy as it involves the lives of millions of people".

Kamarul is wise to leave his party and their lying old chairman who does not care for the country as is happily sabotaging Malaysia due to this own personal dendam.

It is not Malaysia who is losing respect but Mahathir who is losing respect by the container-loads.

Your legacy shall be exactly that: A lying, hate-filled selfish old man.


Dia kata Malaysia negara paling sengsara tapi sebenarnya dia sengsara kerana masih tidak berjaya tewaskan Najib ....

*BLOOMBERG: Malaysia is 11th Least miserable country out of 65 major economies*

According to Bloomberg, Malaysia is the 11th least miserable country out of their total list of 65 countries for the year 2017.

The list, which is based on unemployment and inflation has Malaysia listed in 55th place.

Hong Kong, South Korea, Israel, Denmark Taiwan, Iceland, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore and Thailand are less miserable than Malaysia.

The least miserable country is Thailand. Perhaps the army dictatorship puts in jail those people who are critical of the govt which will reduce misery for the rest of them?

Bloomberg says the rest of the developed countries such as China, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand etc are more miserable than Malaysia.

But if you listen to the lying Pakatan who keeps sabotaging Malaysia with misleading negative news, Malaysia should be placed at number one most miserable and becoming a failed state - hence it needs saving.

Coincidentally, "Saving Malaysia" is also equal to letting them win the seat of power and satisfying their greed for power.

Well, guess what? Pakatan lied again.

We are not a miserable or a failed state.


Dia kata Malaysia tidak dihormati dunia tapi tiada pun Raja Saudi melawat Msia zaman dia....

....Tun Mahathir says that the world no longer respects Malaysia.


July 2013, Japan PM Shinzo Abe visits Malaysia

Oct 2013: Canada PM Steven Harper visits Malaysia

Nov 2013: President Xi Jinping of China arrived in Malaysia for a three-day official visit. No siting China president had ever visited Malaysia during Mahathir's regime.

Apr 2014. US President Obama visits Malaysia in landmark visit.The first USA president to visit Malaysia since 1966. No siting USA president had ever visited Malaysia during Mahathir's regime.

Oct 2014. Malaysia won a non-permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). 187 out of the total 192 countries voted for Malaysia.

Dec 2014, PM Najib plays golf with US President Obama i

July 2015. British Prime Minister David Cameron visits Malaysia

Nov 2015. US President Obama visits Malaysia again.

Nov 2016. PM Najib visits China. President Xi and Najib witness signing of deals worth a historic RM144 billion for loans and investments into Malaysia.

Nov 2016. PM Najib visits Japan. Japan gifts two patrol boats to Malaysia.


Jan 2017: The Economist predicts Malaysia to grow faster and maintain 8th fastest growing GDP growth major economy country in the world for 2017

Feb 2017: Saudi King visits Malaysia. Invests RM31 billion. No Saudi King had ever visited Malaysia during Mahathir's regime.

Mar 2017: Tourism Ministry announces that Malaysia received  26,757,392 tourists in 2016 with tourist receipts at RM82.1 billion and this shows an increase of 18.8% compared to 2015,

Mar 2017: Malaysia voted best country to invest in by BAR and Young & Rubicam.

Mar 2017:  French President Francois Hollande visits Malaysia.

Mar 2017: UN report declares Malaysia officially 4th happiest country in Asia. Malaysia moves up five spots in world’s happiest country index to 42nd happiest country among 155 nations

Mar 2017: Najib visits India. Prime Minister Modi and Najib witness signing of deals worth a historic RM157 billion with RM142 billion of projects to be implemented in Malaysia.

Mar 2017: Malaysia Airports report that for the first 3 months of 2017, total air passengers have increased 10.5% while non-ASEAN international traffic have increased 14.6% compared to 2016.

Apr 2017: Malaysia's February exports jump 26.5% - the strongest growth in 7 years.

Apr 2017: Japan's Crown Prince Naruhito makes five-day official visit to Malaysia

Apr 2017: Bloomberg places Malaysia as 11th least miserable country out of 65 countries. The developed countries such as China, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand etc are more miserable than Malaysia.

Apr 2017: World Economic Forum places Malaysia among the top ten most visited destination in the world.

Apr 2017 Malaysia's stock market has jumped 7% since the beginning of 2017. An increase of 140 points from 1617 points on Dec 23 to 1756 points as at 21st April.

*Judge for yourself if Mahathir is right or wrong that Malaysia is not well-respected.*

If you still need further confirmation, read here: