Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mahathir, Anwar "cover-up" kerugian Forex

Kenyataan Anwar yang hanya menyalahkan Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop dan melepaskan dirinya, Tun Mahathir, Tun Daim dan arwah Tan Sri Jaafar Hussein menjadi persoalan:

Kenyataan Anwar dilihat menukar cerita:

According to Anwar Ibrahim's testimony yesterday, he wants Malaysians to believe that a department head can ignore orders from the bank governor, the Finance Minister (him) and the Prime Minister to continue to trade hundreds of billions in forex trade on behalf of Malaysia over 3 years.

Anwar also wants us to believe that no one else is aware of his actions over that 3 years period and went they finally find out he had lost RM30 billion (RM83 billion in today's money), he is just transferred elsewhere.

There was also apparently no investigations how he had managed to defy orders for 3 years to lose so much money.

Anwar believes both him and Mahathir are not responsible for anything since it is the department head;s problem.

No PAC report, no special AG report no RCI.

"Oh.. you lost RM83 billion of our money, eh. It's okay pal, bad luck! Just don;t do it again. Off you go." said the Finance Minister cum Deputy Prime Minister and the Prime Minister then.


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