Monday, May 15, 2017

Berapa juta pekerjaan Penang, Selangor jana?

Firstly, the total number of unemployed people right now is about 504,100 - and this includes people who are in between jobs or just graduated and in no hurry to take up a job.

Our current unemployment rate is 3.4% - which is essentially full employment. There are already lots of jobs available out there still which people do not want to take up.

So, where would the additional 496,000 locals come from?

Pakatan idea of more employment is 3D jobs

Berikut adalah jenis kerja yang mahu ditawarkan pada anak muda:


Samalah dengan spin bodoh strategis PPBM, Rais Hussein

Rais Hussein strategis bingai spin guna kajian tak tepat