Tuesday, April 25, 2017

PH U-Tun tentang GST, Madey patut U Tun dan ngaku kalah

Padahal bukan ke mereka dulu beriya-iya nak GST dibatalkan.
Bak kata Taiping Mali http://taipingmali.blogspot.my/2017/04/pakatan-mahu-kekal-gst.html, dah nak dekat pilihanraya ni.

Menurut ABITW, Tun dah habis sebab musabab dan agend auntuk jatuhkan Najib,

Tun Mahathir basis to topple Najib were:

1. To save murderer Sirul but has no new evidence to offer the court; 
2. Government wastage with BR1M as example but other opposition leaders disagree and he U turned;
3. Government introduction of GST and he promised to abolish it but now Pakatan Harapan leaders now say they won't abolish it
4. The now settled 1MDB with no evidence presented by accuser Mahathir to proof Najib's direct involvement in any wrongdoings and no criminal charges made against anyone in the Singapore courts. 
After Swiss FINMA has stopped, is the Swiss AG or UK investigation via Standard Chartered Bank internal enquiry getting anywhere? 
Swiss AG is elected position. He could be doing his political drama. 
5. Personal issues with Datin Seri Rosmah. Does self appointed Leader of the Council of Elders expect public to get involved in with his petty personal grumblings?
His complains of Rosmah reflect back on himself and his family members.
Madey bila nak U tun dan ngaku kalah lagi???????