Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tycoon Madey tak bayar .. Mana yang 90% cukai cina bayar?

Masih tentang cina yang berhijrah ke luar negara:

Antara alasan mereka adalah mereka bayar 90% cukai tetapi tak dapat apa-apa. Mereka mahu persoal bantuan untuk rakyat miskin dan cina DAP persoal hak keistimewaan orang Melayu.

*The Chinese pays 90% of all taxes in Malaysia?*

This is a piece of racially-motivated propaganda frequently spread by DAP to incite anger and a misguided sense of over-entitlement for the Chinese.

But it is simply not true.

In 2014, Total taxes collected by the government was RM172 billion.

Direct taxes are were RM133 billion comprising of :
- Corporate tax: RM67b
- Petroleum income tax: RM28.3 billion
- while Personal Income tax is only: RM26.7 billion

The govt collected Indirect taxes of RM38.6b which comprises of sales, service, excise tax and stamp duties.

In 2014, the top 20 Government Linked Companies (GLC) in Malaysia alone, which includes Petronas, Tenaga, Axiata, Maybank etc, paid RM63.5 billion in total taxes - or 37% of ALL tax revenue of the govt for that year.

Assuming that no other races or foreigners paid a single Ringgit in taxes - whether income tax or corporate tax or bought any cars or paid any stamp duty - it is still simply not possible for the Chinese to pay 90% of all taxes in Malaysia.

Other than a Wilkipedia entry titled "Chinese in Malaysia" which cites its source as a dubious tweet by DAP leader Zaid Ibrahim or previously, a statement in passing from Tun Mahathir in 2006 when he was campaigning against Pak Lah, there is no evidence that the Chinese pays 90% of all taxes in Malaysia.

Anyone can edit a Wikipedia entry and it looks like some mischievous person has done so based on untrue sources.

In fact, the LHDN head said in the year 2010 that Chinese paying 90% of all taxes is a "misconception" and cited some figures to say this is not possible.

*So, please stop spreading this racially-motivated untrue propaganda which is designed by DAP to incite racial tension and hatred anymore.*



Malah taukeh cina kroni Madey pun tak bayar pun untuk.cukai 20 tahun dahulu!

Adakah 20 tahun tycoon ni tak bayar cukai?...