Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bagi yang mahu hijrah macam Dr Ting, tujuan dan maklumat perlu jelas

Dalam pautan berikut ada pautan ke laporan 50% kaum cina mahu hijrah ke luar negara:

Kini ramai Melayu pun mahu hijrah overseas ke negara orang putih. Kononnya mahu kehidupan dan peluang lebih baik untuk anak-anak mereka.

Harap harapan tidak terlalu tinggi kerana ada kala elok dalam satu hal, tidak.elok dalam hal lain:

What people want Malaysia to have:

1) Free education like Norway  --  (but Norway have 25% GST)

2) No GST like Hong Kong -- (but Hong Kong have highest income inequality in the world with Gini coefficient at 0.537 compared with Malaysia's 0.401 in 2014 - falling from 0.441 in 2009)

3) Income equality as good as Denmark with Gini of 0.21 -- (but Denmark has among the world's highest petrol prices at RM7 per litre)

4) Lowest petrol price in the world like Venezuela -- (but their inflation rate is 800% in 2016 and country is collapsing due to unsustainable state subsidies and price controls)

5) Lowest inflation rate in the world like the Euro countries which are fighting negative inflation -- (but Euro currency has fallen against Ringgit since 10 years ago)

6) High exchange rate like Singapore -- (but car prices are the highest in the world where the Axia costs Sing$80k or RM230k compared to RM30k n Malaysia)

7) Car prices as low as Brunei -- (but Brunei has no democracy)

8) As democratic as India,, the biggest democracy in the world. -- (but India has very high corruption rate compared to Malaysia)

9) As corruption free as Finland -- (but Finland is in the middle of their "lost decade" and has negative or zero economic growth for years)

10) Economic growth as high as Myanmar which is experiencing an economic boom right now - (but Myanmar has lots of race/religious conflicts that has led to many deaths)

11) No or little racial/religion tensions like Nepal which is pretty much all the same race and religion -- (but many Nepalese love to come to Malaysia to work and say Malaysia Bagus!).
Many of these ideals/goals are contradicting in nature.

For example, you can't have low inflation and high economic growth and fast-rising wages.

Neither can you have very liberal low-tax highly capitalist and highly competitive economies like Hong Kong and still expect low social inequality (you want to stay in bird cages?).

Or having low car prices with low petrol prices and not expect crippling road congestion that will stifle economic growth and cause environmental damage.

Trade-offs and compromise are to be expected in any country.


*Whatever it is Malaysia is still the best!

Kalau hujan keris dan lembing di Malaysia dan hujan emas dan permata di negara asing, negara ku masih Malaysia.

Tak mahu ku warganegara lain.


  • Prince Righty 1 says:
    May 14, 2017 at 1:42:00 PM GMT+8

    Bapakku kata, hujan emas di negeri orang, emasnya bawa pulang 😂