Sunday, May 14, 2017

Spin bodoh strategis PPBM, Rais Hussein

Bagi pengikut FB, mereka kenal benar Rais Hussein yang kononnya adalah strategis PPBM.

Bila gagal berdebat untuk kemukakan hujah yang munasabah dan tidak dipintas dia akan kata "Allah knows" dan unfriend komentar yang dia tak boleh jawab debat. Allah also knows bila dia menipu. Kita pun boleh nampak dia nak buat spin bodoh.
Dan PPBM akui banci itu tidak tepat:
Sebelum ini Lim Sian See dedahkan kebodohan satu lagi spin bodoh Rais.

*PRIBUMI's twisted views on Pakistan, China, India and Malaysia*

Here is yet another example of PRIBUMI's manipulation and outright lying propaganda.

This time it comes from PRIBUMI's so-called strategist and Supreme Council Member Rais Hussin.

In an article published in MalaysiaKini today, Rais claimed that Najib is risking to be a pawn of China due to China's investments because he wants China to bail-out 1MDB,

Firstly, I had already pointed out that 1MDB has basically solved all its loans and debts - so there is no question about needing anyone to "bail-out" 1MDB:

But it gets worse from Rais Hussin.

He gave the example of Pakistan receiving investments from China and in return, he accuses China of wanting Pakistan to take on India so that India will be too busy to attack China.

He says Pakistan is willing to become a pawn of China to risk nuclear destruction for itself for the sake of a Chinese investment worth RM32 billion in one of Pakistan's port.

Hello. Pakistan's weapons test started in 1973 and had successfully tested it's first nuclear weapon in 1998 - DECADES before any China investment in Pakistan.

India's first nuclear weapon was tested in 1974.

Both countries have had nuclear weapons decades ago and have been in many wars since and had always had the risk of nuclear attacks from each other for decades.

If anything, Pakistan's close links with China, which also has nuclear weapons and a big army, actually reduces the risk of destruction for Pakistan due to China's deterrent effect on India - not increase the risk.

If this is the best strategist that PRIBUMI can offer then they are screwed. Or perhaps this is a continuation of PRIBUMI's lying ways and twisted logic.

When Malaysia signed the TPPA and Obama made a couple of visits here, we were accused by Pakatan of being a pawn of America.

When Malaysia signed many trade and investment deals worth RM144 billion with China, we are accused by Pakatan of being a pawn of China.

Similarly when Saudi Arabia's king announced they are investing RM31 billion in Malaysia, the Govt is accused of being too close to  Saudi.

But strangely, mere months after the trade deals with China Saudi Arabia, Najib signed trade deals worth  RM158.68 with India but the government was not criticized at all.

Could this be because the biggest recipient of those trade deals with India was due to Mahathir's friend Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar's MMC joint-venture with India in our Pulau Carey port - hence India was spared?

How then is it possible that Malaysia can be accused of being pawns of so many countries at the same time?

The simple reason is this: Malaysia continues with our strategy to be a non-aligned neutral nation which focused on having better relations with all the major powers in the world for the benefit of trade, development and security for the benefit of Malaysia.

At this moment, China is still among the fastest growing countries in the world and the the top two world's biggest marketplace and economy.

It is a rising super-power.

It would be stupid for Malaysia not to be building better trade and diplomatic relations with China right now - the same as what Mahathir did with Japan when he took all those loans and investment from there when Japan was the then rising economic power back in the 80s and 90s.

Who else should Malaysia be closer to?

Perhaps, If and when PRIBUMI comes to power, they can move away from China and get closer in terms of trade with Zimbabwe where Mahathir's best friend Mugabe is president.

This proves yet again PRIBUMI's twisted "strategy" of manipulating history and how they resort to lies and propaganda to damage Malaysia.



  • Asaif Barkiya says:
    May 15, 2017 at 4:38:00 PM GMT+8

    Rais Hussein is a half past six guy.Nothing comes out deserve attention except garbage and craps.With IQ37 slighty more than chipanzee with an IQ35 RH must be able to be detected his intelectual properties level.