Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fake news, dokument Cap Bunga tak masuk akal untuk kenakan Najib

Cap Bunga tiada ruang untuk kenakan Najib ekoran ekonomi bertambah baik dan petanda ekonomi akan mula berkembang mengikut agenda yang dirancang Pelan Transformasi.

Maka puak-puak pembangkang terutama Cap Bunga yang banyak dianggotai bekas ahli UMNO tak sekolah dan hanya tahu marah tak guna otak.

Sebab kurang pelajaran dan ilmu maka puak cap bunga hanya tahu guna fake neews dan bayar orang tertentu tulis analisa fake seperti didedahkan berikut:

Kali ini, mereka cuba pula untuk reka fake konspirasi yang macam 1MDB untuk kenakan Dato Najib. Masaalahnya dokumen pun macam dokumen conman:

Another case of more, blatant corruption involves the “dynamic duo” of criminal behavior, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Rasak, who is also the Minister of Finance, and his Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is also the Minister of Home Affairs.

Recently, Razak took the “liberty” of emptying the bank accounts of a very wealthy Malaysian.

Najib erroneously believed himself to be extremely clever by transferring this man’s Collateral Security Instruments being held in the Malaysian Central Bank to a local commercial bank account in the Prime Minister’s wife’s name, Rosmah Mansor.

Razak then had the sneaky audacity to contact the UBS in Switzerland and to advise the bank that the Malaysian billionaire was “DEAD” and that he (Razak), as Minister of Finance, was the Executor of the man’s estate, thus claiming the entire funds of this individual, including his Trust Accounts.

Meanwhile, UBS asked Razak to produce this man’s Official Death Certificate which the DPM could only provide with official notices in writing of the so-called

Executor’s authority that only the PM could provide. These official documents were then sent to UBS who, fortunately, were in direct contact with the very much alive “Dead Man” throughout this ongoing scenario.

Consequently, UBS knew that needless to say, dimwit Najib’s attempts were illegal and fraudulent as in Grand Theft on an international level.

With transcripts and recordings of phone conversations in hand as well as the official documentation that was sent, UBS had more than enough to nail Najib to the wall! They then filed a major legal case with the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

Ironically, in his increasing desperation Najib tried preventing the “Dead Man” from leaving Malaysia.

To his immediate dismay, he was stopped abruptly by way of the timely intervention of the UN, IMF, the FED, and the Swiss government. The “Dead Man” is now living in Europe and will gladly testify before the ICJ in this matter.

In the end Najib and Zahid are now the real “Dead Men Walking” with no place to run and no place to hide.

Perhaps they best stand down, especially after the other previously noted past attempts failed to destroy the Malaysian economy.

Karma has its rightful place in these matters of greed and corruption.

The Marcos Deposits

Another such tale of corruption involves a number of cases arising that concern the “Marcos Deposits” that were made to various central and commercial banks around the world.

It is estimated there are over 2,500 of such fixed deposits which are nominally held in the name of a signatory, a trustee or their descendants.

The truth is that these very deposits are Golden Family Assets that, per the Family’s approval and instructions, were to be distributed by Ferdinand Marcos to rebuild a number of designated countries’ economies following WWII.


It is also duly noted that Madam Cynthia from the Philippines is NOT a Dragon Family member. Any further activities by her to misrepresent herself will be immediately thwarted by authorities.

Recent attempts to cash-in these fixed deposits by using false approval from the FED (Yellen), IMF, UN, the Philippine government or its Central Bank, and the banks in various countries is, again, another glaring, fraud involving Grand Theft on the part of all involved parties.

Shining the light on these nefarious crooks for all to see is only the beginning of bringing justice to the forefront.

In summary, these deposits must remain as Collateral Security and should be only used to back the currencies and development of each country and NOT be used to line the pockets of corrupt politicians, banksters, lawyers, signatories or trustees and their proxies.

Otherwise, they must be returned to the Golden Dragon Family, the rightful OWNERS.

So BEWARE! Anyone even thinking of stealing and cashing in on these deposits – you are hereby put on notice that these Accounts are now being very closely observed.

You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law!

Neil Keenan holds the original books of the Accounts, and they will be opened in due time. He has both the old and new ledgers. Anyone caught stealing the Dragon Family Assets will be rounded up and taken to wherever they belong, as the ASIAN SWAMP WILL BE DRAINED ALSO!

Dokumen yang akan didedahkan mereka adalah:


Cerita di atas berkait dengan berita-berita berikut:


The Philippines Embassy has issued a warning to guard against a man who is trying to elicit money by claiming to be the illegitimate son of the late Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos.

The Philippines Embassy has issued a warning to guard against a man who is trying to elicit money by claiming to be the illegitimate son of the late Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos. The 60-year-old man, whose name really is Angel Ferdinand Marcos, has already squeezed money out of several Filipinos in Abu Dhabi.

Ambassador Amable Aguiluz said the embassy has received numerous complaints from Filipinos who have fallen prey to the conman. “We are planning serious action against this conman who has been exploiting innocent Filipinos,” he said. “The embassy has received numerous complaints against this man.

An investigation has revealed Angel to be a smooth operator. His cunning is quite subtle so as to avoid getting caught. “He targets the working class and plays on their sentiments for the Marcos clan by narrating incidents in the life of our late president. His latest victim was a Filipina nurse who blindly agreed to be his bank guarantor to help him secure a personal loan. There are other similar cases.

“It took us some time to track Angel’s whereabouts. The guy has so much self-confidence that he even tried to sell his false identification to embassy officials. The embassy has warned him to stop fleecing innocent Filipinos and leave the country. I fail to understand how educated people can buy his stories and then come complaining to the embassy,” he said.

Aguiluz said an investigation into Angel’s background revealed that he has a criminal record.

“This man is in no way biologically related to the late president. A report from the National Investigation Bureau in Manila shows that this guy, who claims to be the illegitimate son of Ferdinand Marcos, is a conman with a lengthy criminal record.

“To avoid any further problems we have asked our Foreign Department in Manila to cancel his passport. Necessary assistance will also be taken with the support of the UAE Ministry of Interior to get Angel deported and handed over to the authorities in Manila.

“He is a wanted man, not only in the Philippines, but in many other countries,” the ambassador said


CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – A somewhat amused but serious Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr. said he will ask local officials to investigate and go after a certain Angel Ferdinand Marcos who is recruiting members and claiming to be an illegitimate son of the late president and the senator’s father Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.

The senator made the statement after he was asked for his reaction on people claiming to be his stepbrother and relatives recruiting members and soliciting money in the nearby Clark Freeport in exchange for a promise of shares in the much ballyhooed Marcos gold bullions.

During a press conference at the Fortune Restaurant here on Thursday, Sen. Marcos said “these people claiming to be from the Marcos family or relatives of the Marcoses, that if and when the Marcoses recover their wealth it will be shared to their members, should be arrested.”

“These people… puro mga estapador yan. Kasinungalingan lahat yan (These people… they are all fraud.

What they’re saying are all lies),” he said. “Unfortunately, there mare instances all over the country since 1986 of persons or groups who recruit members,” he said.

When asked if the Marcos gold bullions are true, he replied: “Wala pa akong natanggap (I had not received any).”

As for the person claiming to be his stepbrother he said: “No I don’t know this person.

What I tell everybody is this – he is a fraud, he should be arrested.”

“Sa buong kasaysayan ng pamilyang Marcos hindi kami humihingi ng pera sa taong bayan (In the whole history of the Marcoses we do not ask for money from the people),” he stressed.

It can be recalled that sometime in August last year, a man in his 60s identifying himself as Angel Ferdinand Marcos and claiming to be an illegitimate son of the late President Marcos had established temporary base at the Mabalacat City Hall extension office in Clark.

A Punto! news item said the man was “backed by burly and armed security guards and travels in a convoy of black sports utility vehicles to missions unclear, but he was reported to have recently sought audience with authorities of the Clark International Airport Corp. (CIAC) and expressed intention to make heavy investments in the aviation complex.”

He was later forced out of the building after the story came out in this paper.

Entah macam mana cerita-cerita yang tidak munasaah dan tidak ada talian arus cerita dan bukti yang sah dan masuk akal akan di spin oleh mereka seolah-olah Najib melakukan satu lagi skandla serupa 1MDB.
Itulah cap bunga yang diketuai manusia paling perasuah di Malaysia dan darah kelingnya adalah darah peniipu!


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    October 7, 2017 at 3:23:00 PM GMT+8

  • Anonymous says:
    March 22, 2018 at 4:42:00 PM GMT+8

    Careful with this Dato' Zahari new scamming friend. This scammer called himself Dato' whose I believe a good title in Malaysia. This Dato' also call himself as a Judge. Same goes to another link bastard Thana Balan P Jaganathan with Global Oil 57 and now Yida Construction (Overseas) Pte Limited. This Thana is the same as the stupid Judge title with Dato' Zahari. They will take money from the victims and runs away.

    From the outside, they will say they have so many things, constructions, hospitals, oils, shits and bastards. Inside, nothing, zero. They will put up offices, mostly virtual office with long outstanding payments or using other people's small office. Try go to their offices, they will meet outside, in hotel or other places. If you do constructions, one JCB should do a great job, but nothing, blanks. This bastard even spread complete nonsense bullshit on constructions.

    Dato' Zahari and the group scammers with Nataniel who is clearly fake judges are now having fake offices in Hong Kong, China, and now even Indonesia. Careful with their appearance, they will dress up nicely and ask for money. Pictures are also very impressive. So do not believe all this. Do check throughly.

    Now they put Yida Construction. The real Yida Construction is also making losses and almost bankrupt. These monkeys now depending on this fake company to collect money. The website is also free website. They talk investments but know shits about it.