Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dijangka Aramco dipersoal, Tak sangka budak AKJ setolol gini

*"Jika kita pergi ke China, kita akan dituduh menjual kedaulatan kita, Saya tertanya-tanya sama ada mereka akan mengatakan kita menjual kedaulatan kita kepada Arab Saudi apabila mereka melabur di sini?*

"Ia bukan soal tentang kedaulatan, tetapi tentang pelaburan yang akan memberi manfaat bagi kita. Ia akan membawa masuk modal asing, mengukuhkan ringgit dalam jangka sederhana. Ia juga bermakna lebih banyak peluang pekerjaan dan keyakinan kukuh terhadap ekonomi kita," 

*_PM Najib Razak_*
In Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, Malaysia’s Petronas signed a deal for Saudi Aramco to invest $7 billion (Dh25 bn) into an oil and petrochemical refinery in the southern state of Johor. Other agreements and opportunities for businesses in both countries will also be announced, and Malaysia’s prime minister Najib Razak has already used this to hit back at critics who accused him of "selling" the country by securing massive investment from China on his visit to Beijing in November.

The Saudi deals show the level of confidence other countries such as the kingdom have in Malaysia, he has said. 

The king’s visit and the huge amount of new trade being generated around it are also very public votes of confidence in the economic reform programmes.

*Why King Salman’s Asia tour is so significant*
The National
But diplomacy may have played part to convinced the Saudi on the strategic benefit of investing in Pengerang's RAPID.

Crown Prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman takes a keen interest in Aramco. He understood the strategic importance of Saudi's presence in Southeast Asia and along the trade route between Middle East and China.

Aramco and the House of Saud has a long political and economic ties with the American.

The 50% stake offers them the opportunity to set foot into Malaysia and the region to explore investment opportunities beyond oil.
 Aramco is planning to sell off 5% of the company in an IPO slotted for 2018.

It is to raise money to establish a long term sovereign fund for Saudi Arabia similar to the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund.
Petronas-Aramco strategic tie-up

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