Monday, November 14, 2016

Lepas hattrick, kenakan TH, ECRL, maka elok Rafizi kena lagi!

Sementara itu, Rahman Dahlan menjawab putarbelit Rafizi mengenai ECRL hari itu
Perlu difahami ECRL adalah high speed rail
High speed rail delivers many layers of economic benefits  

High speed rail delivers fast, efficient transportation so riders can save time, energy, and money.  HSR is extremely reliable and operates in all weather conditions.  HSR is not subject to congestion, so it operates on schedule every day without delay - especially during rush hour and peak travel times.

HSR spurs the revitalization of cities by encouraging high density, mixed-use real estate development around the stations.  HSR also fosters economic development in second-tier cities along train routes.  HSR links cities together into integrated regions that can then function as a single stronger economy.  HSR broadens labor markets and offers workers a wider network of employers to choose from.  HSR encourages and enables the development of technology clusters with fast easy access between locations.  HSR also expands visitor markets and tourism while increasing visitor spending. 

The many benefits HSR delivers spread throughout regions that have HSR, encouraging economic development across a large area.

Usaha dato Najib dengan China ada banyak munafaatnya:

New chance to settle South China Sea dispute

‘China wants oil, not regime change’
Tidak seperti amerika dan Soros

Najib ‘also Looking East’ as Mahathir said

Stop biting the helping hand

Ecrl akan ubah lanskap ekonomi negeri pantai timor
Rafizi telah dihukum 18 bulan penjara:
Rafizi sentenced to 18 months; jail

Dia telah dapat permohonan stay dari hukuman sambil dia memohon rayuan. Bawah perlembagaan, Rafizi bakal boleh dilucutkan jawatan MP atas sebab didenda mahkamah lebih 2 ribu atau penjara lebih 1 tahun.

Rafizi has been found guilty of breaking the OSA laws and sentenced to 18 months jail.
This is no surprise as Rafizi himself had admitted to being guilty.
Rafizi has also been granted a stay of execution pending his appeal and will remain MP.
But this will disqualify him from seeking re-election until he gets a favourable outcome in his appeal.
He was not sentenced for "exposing 1MDB's monstrous scandal" as what  Pakatan is claiming.
He was sentenced for being ill-advised in breaking the law for exposing one page of the 1MDB's Auditor General Report - which was already read by 4 Pakatan MPs including Tony Pua.
He had revealed the OSA document to "expose" that LTAT has links with 1MDB but has not been fully paid - something we all know already as news of LTAT being awarded the contract by 1MDB to move the Sg Besi air-base and to develop the 8 replacement military bases is public info.
In any case, LTAT has not lost any money and has been repaid by 1MDB and will be fully paid by the Bandar Malaysia project where the IWH-China Rail consortium has a 60% ownership.
Therefore, Rafizi's OSA "expose" is totally wasted and ill-advised.
LTAT lost no money at all and in fact, HAD MADE money and will continue to make money from the construction works of the military bases and from the contract to move the Sg Besi airbase.
This is the fourth straight court loss for various cases for Rafizi. Has anyone lost more court cases in a row?
He still has other court cases - civil and criminal pending.
His 4 years-old BAFIA case which is as clear cut as anything and also the LTAT, Tabung Haji and Najib-Rosmah (saya hanya bergurau) cincin cases to deal with,
I can only say that Rafizi asked for this. And now he has got what he wanted.


  • Anonymous says:
    November 14, 2016 at 6:17:00 PM GMT+8

    Nasib ada rafizi. Kalau tak bebaslah pemimpin umno kau tu makan duit kita semua. Semuanya bebas samun projek. Nasib ada rafizi sorang. Kalau ramai yg berani bongkar ..turun naik menteri naik mahkamah