Keadilan buat mangsa

Keadilan buat mangsa

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Anwar face backlash for candidate selection


PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has conceded two important seats to the DAP, thereby alienating his leaders by choosing newcomers as candidates.

He risks a backlash from his own party leaders who had long been eyeing the seats but had to concede to these “outsiders” who are considered more relevant by Anwar.

With an “all-or-nothing” general election around the corner, Anwar is under pressure to show that he is himself a “winnable” Prime Minister, at least in the eyes of his foreign colleagues and friends.

In Bentong, Anwar brushed aside PKR’s G. Ponusamy who had contested the seat in the 2008 general election, and agreed to a DAP proposal to field a more “bankable” candidate in environmentalist Wong Tack.

Wong Tack is hoping his new-found popularity as an anti-Lynas champion would help him unseat three-term veteran Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, who is the MCA deputy president and Health Minister.

Although Ponusamy lost by a huge 12,549 votes, he is the PKR man on the spot, and is reportedly unhappy at the unceremonious manner in which Anwar shunted him.

Worse still in Gelang Patah, Anwar has alienated his own state chief Datuk Chua Jui Meng by personally announcing Chua’s long-time rival Lim Kit Siang, the DAP veteran, as the candidate there last week.

Since the announcement, Chua has gone incommunicado and has all but disappeared from the political scene.

Presumably, he is nursing his anger against the injustice done to him by his own party boss and this is likely to show when the fight for Gelang Patah starts – unless Anwar manages to accommodate Chua with another equally winnable seat.

PKR leaders have been saying soothing things about Chua and throwing in the Segamat, Kluang, Kulai and even Labis seats as “substitutes” to assuage him, but not Bakri where he was MP before.

Chua, who recently locked horns with Johor DAP chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau over the Gelang Patah seat, has been thoroughly outsmarted by the DAP, which is more likely to give Anwar victory than even his own PKR.

Another casualty of this syndrome is Tan Poh Lai, the daughter of former “Mr Opposition” Tan Chee Khoon, who was all this while tipped to contest in the Johor Baru seat and had even announced it recently.

But Anwar has announced former army chief Tan Sri Hashim Hussein as the candidate for Johor Baru.
While she is not totally devastated by the changeover and is hoping PKR would field a woman candidate – herself – to contest, others are not so benign or able to so readily see the big picture.

They say they have been working the ground for a long time and should not be giving way to others especially if they are outsiders, meaning winnable candidates parachuted from other states.

Such an incumbent candidate who had been passed over after working the ground for months, if not years, is Syed Hamid Ali in Batu Pahat where he is PKR division chief.

Syed Hamid, the younger brother of former PKR deputy president Syed Husin Ali, has long been talked of as the PKR/Pakatan Rakyat candidate for his hometown of Batu Pahat.

He is the ideal candidate as he has been working the ground in Batu Pahat assiduously. But he suffers from one drawback – his prior association with the outlawed Communist Party of Malaya.

Anwar knows it and is conceding to political realities – a former “Red” is never going to win in any Malay-majority seat anywhere in the country, no matter how good his politics are.

Taken from The Star HERE

A storm is brewing over the PKR in Perak, following a dispute on the candidacy for the Kuala Sepetang state seat.

It is understood the Bukit Gantang division is furious over an announcement by party vice-president Dr Lee Boon Chye that newcomer Sandrea Ng Shy Ching would be nominated as the PKR candidate for the seat.

The problem arose because nobody in the division knows anything about Ng, who is said to be from Endau, Johor.

Dr Lee had made the announcement during a press conference in Kuala Sepetang on Feb 21.

A party source said that having a non-local parachuting into the state constituency went against the wishes of the division members and was an indication that incumbent assemblyman Tai Sing Ng would be dropped from contesting in the general election.

Taken from The Star HERE

Din Pudu ke Batu Pahat dan lain angan-angan PKR


Setiausaha Agung KEADILAN, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail mengumumkan Onn Abu Bakar (dua dari kiri) sebagai calon menentang calon Barisan Nasional (BN) dalam satu majlis dan NGO Gabungan Tuntutan Rakyat Johor (TRJ) yang dihadiri hampir 800 penyokong.

Saifuddin mewakili Ketua Pembangkang, Anwar Ibrahim dalam satu majlis di Kluang, Johor sebentar tadi.

Onn yang juga Ketua Cabang KEADILAN Putrajaya menanti cabaran yang dijangka paling sengit sejak 15 tahun lalu.

Hadir sama, Naib Presiden PAS, Salahuddin Ayub dan Setiausaha Pemuda DAP Pusat, Tan Hong Tim.
Bercakap kepada pemberita, Onn yakin dengan prestasi KEADILAN di Sembrong untuk mencatat kemenangan sekali gus membantu hasrat Pakatan Rakyat menawan Putrajaya.
"Saya analisis trend pengundian di Sembrong dan yakin jentera Pakatan akan membantu bawa kemenangan pada PRU 13," kata anak kelahiran Johor itu.
Keyakinan itu diperkuat dengan penyertaan Rafidah Hassan, sepupu kepada bekas Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Jorak dari BN pada majlis berkenaan.

Beliau bersama suami, Zarudin Jaffar menyerahkan borang keahlian Setiausaha Agung KEADILAN, Saifuddin Nasution sejurus pengumuman itu.
Ironinya, Zarudin biarpun sudah berusia 43 tahun tidak pernah mengundi kerana kecewa dengan lanskap politik negara yang kotor tetapi tertarik dengan ketelusan kepimpinan Anwar Ibrahim dan terus menyertai KEADILAN.
Beliau menyifatkan kerakusan pemimpin Umno BN merompak harta rakyat dan bermewah-mewahan atas kesusahan rakyat mendorongnya memilih untuk bersama Pakatan.
"Saya mahu bantu Pakatan menawan Putrajaya," katanya.
SENARAI CALON KEADILAN - PAKATAN RAKYAT (dikemas kini setakat 24 Mac 2013)

Sembrong - Onn Abu Bakar
Johor Bharu - Jen (B) Md Hashim Hussein
Pasir Gudang - Let Jen (B) Abdul Ghafir Abdul Hamid
Selayang - William Leong Jee Ken (penyandang)
Kuantan - Fuziah Salleh (penyandang)
Padang Serai - N Surendran
Kulim-Bandar Baharu - Saifuddin Nasution Ismail (bertukar dari parlimen Machang)
Sungai Petani - Johari Abdul (penyandang)
Sabak Bernam - Dr Abdul Aziz Bari
Bagan Serai - Dr Muhammad Nur Manuty
Lembah Pantai - Nurul Izzah Anwar (penyandang)
Pandan - Rafizi Ramli
Bukit Katil - Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin
Batang Lupar - Zulkifli Abang Engkeh
Saratok - Ali Biju
Hulu Rajang - Abun Sui Anyit
Baram - Roland Engan
Limbang - Baru Bian
Wangsa Maju - Dr Tan Kee Kwong (belum diumumkan)
Setiawangsa - Ibrahim Yaacob (belum diumumkan)
Segamat - Chua Jui Meng (belum disah dan diumumkan)
Batu Pahat - Syed Hamid Ali (belum disah dan diumumkan)

SENARAI CALON DAP - PAKATAN RAKYAT (dikemas kini setakat 24 Mac 2013)

Gelang Patah - Lim Kit Siang
Kluang - Liew Chin Tong (belum disah dan diumumkan)
Ipoh Timur - Thomas Su (belum disah dan diumumkan)
Ipoh Barat - Wong Kah Woh (belum disah dan diumumkan)
Batu Gajah - V Sivakumar (belum disah dan diumumkan)

Dari blog pembangkang Jalan Pulang

Din Puduraya ke mana? 

Dengar ke Batu Pahat untuk lawan Dato Dr Puad Zarkashi

Parachute candidate causing rumble in Johor


The move by PKR to field parachute “strategic candidates” in Johor has created rumblings among local leaders and grassroots in the state.

At least three seats are expected to be contested by outsiders namely Johor Baru, Batu Pahat and Pasir Gudang.

Several PKR leaders in Batu Pahat have even set up a Facebook page “Support Syed Hamid Ali for Batu Pahat” after talk surfaced that an NGO leader Datuk Idris Jauzi may be fielded there.

Syed Hamid is the Batu Pahat PKR chief.

PKR Johor Baru division chief Tan Poh Lai is expected to be snubbed for the Johor Baru parliamentary seat in favour of former army chief Tan Sri Hashim Hussein while Johor PKR deputy chief Dr Ahmad Faidhi Saidi is likely to be overlooked for the Pasir Gudang seat with former army deputy chief Datuk Ghafir Abdul Hamid tipped to contest there.

Read on The Star HERE

Adding a further dent on Pakatan Rakyat's lofty hopes is the sudden “disappearance” of Johor PKR chief Datuk Chua Jui Meng, who was not named as candidate for the Gelang Patah parliamentary seat which the latter had been lobbying for.

PKR officials do not where Chua is or what he is up to, with some saying that he is on “protest leave” to show his displeasure at being overlooked for the seat.

Chua was absent at the event when Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim introduced DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang as the Gelang Patah candidate last Monday.

Chua's griping aside, DAP's Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan has said that she will not contest in the southern state.

Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran, another of DAP's leaders said to have been identified to contest in Johor, has not opposed the proposal publicly but party insiders say he had voiced his preference not to follow Lim to Johor.

Sources said Fong and Kulasegaran, who have clashed with Perak DAP chairman Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham and secretary Nga Kor Ming, have been identified to contest in Kluang or Kulai, and Segamat, respectively.

Johor Jaya PKR branch chief and legal bureau head Jimmy Puah said many were questioning Chua's disappearance from state PKR events with the general election drawing near.

Read on The Star HERE

Dr M menyampaikan pesan di JB malam ini


Ini bukan takut-takutkan pengundi tapi peringatan dari pandangan jauh dari seorang negarawan. Malah pembangkang begitu takut dengan kehadhiran Dr Mahathir berkempen hingga mereka lakukan kata nesta dan sipat kurang ahjar terhadapnya.

Sebaik Tun berkata Najib boleh tumbang jika dia tak dapat dua pertiga, cepat mereka mahu putarbelit kata-katanya. Sebenarnya ianya peringatan pada Najib, penyokjong Najib, ahli-ahli UMNO dan BN yang sayang Najib supaya berusaha lebih kuat.

Ini hanya reverse psychology.

Malahan Tun turut menjelaskan:

Bagi orang-orang Johor, ayuh kita hadhiri majlis Tun M di Johor Baru malam ini pukul 8:30 malam di PPR Kempas Permai Johor Baru.

Semua kaum mesti turun ramai-ramai dan kasi kecut telor Lim Kit Siang.

Kit Siang bertambah rakus di Johor

Belum pun reda lagi rajuk Jui Meng kerana dirampas kerusi parlimen idamannya oleh Kit Siang dengan bantuan Nuar Berahim, kini Kit Siang tanpa merujuk mahupun meminta laluan dari rakan-rakan Pakatannya telah mengarahkan pasukan kempennya agar "menjajah" DUN Johor Jaya pula.

Perkara ini telah disahkan oleh seorang pemimpin DAP yang merujuk kepada mesyuarat Lim dengan pasukan kempennya pada Khamis lepas (sini).

Ini jelas menunjukkan bahawa Kit Siang mengamalkan dasar kuku besi. Kalau dia dah mahu, tetap dia mahu tanpa mengambil kira pandangan orang lain. 
Kalau rakan-rakan seperjuangannya bersama dalam Pakatan boleh dikhianatinya, adalah sesuatu yang tidak mustahil dan menjadi perkara enteng baginya untuk mengkhianati pengundinya sekiranya telah dapat kuasa, apatah lagi kalau pengundinya itu Melayu. Ini kerana bencinya Kit Siang terhadap Melayu sudah terbukti pada peristiwa 13 Mei 1969.

Sayangnya, Melayu PAS dan Melayu PKR masih buta dengan menjangka bahawa Kit Siang berpolitik kerana menentang UMNO. 
Mereka masih terbuai dengan mimpi benci UMNO mereka dengan bersekongkol dengan DAP walhal DAP dan Kit Siang bukannya menentang UMNO, tetapi mereka berpolitik kerana menentang kuasa Melayu. 
Harapan aku agar Melayu Johor tanpa mengira fahaman politik, akan bersatu menentang dan menolak DAP dari bumi Johor yang bertuah ini. Insyaallah.

Kit Siang bakal berkubur di Gelang Patah


Penasihat DAP, Lim Kit Siang sudah disahkan akan bertanding di Parlimen Gelang Patah, Johor sekaligus memadamkan hasrat Pengerusi PKR Johor, Chua Jui Meng yang sebelum ini berangan-angan untuk menjadi calon PKR di kawasan tersebut.

Kejayaan DAP mempengaruhi Ketua Umum PKR, Anwar Ibrahim supaya memberi laluan kepada Kit Siang bertanding di Gelang Patah agak mengecewakan ramai penyokong PKR sementelah lagi sudah berbulan-bulan Pengerusi PKR Johor itu melakukan gerak kerja kempennya di sana.

Baru-baru ini sumber yang rapat dengan Jui Meng memberitahu akhbar Nanyang Siang Pau yang bekas pemimpin MCA itu berura-ura untuk meletakkan semua jawatannya dalam PKR sebagai tanda protes berikutan tindakan Anwar yang dianggap sebagai satu pengkhianatan.

DAP memang lama mahu masuk Johor. Dengar komen Tunku Aziz berikut:

Sama ada ura-ura itu menjadi kenyataan atau tidak, yang pastinya Gelang Patah tidak menjanjikan laluan mudah untuk Kit Siang yang dijangkakan akan berdepan dengan protes secara besar-besaran dari penyokong PKR.

Kit Siang yang sudah acap kali berpindah randah dari satu negeri ke negeri lain untuk melebarkan pengaruh DAP tidak hanya akan menghadapi protes penyokong PKR pro Jui Meng tetapi juga bakal berdepan dengan masalah penerimaan pengundi selain cabaran sengit dari BN.

Majoriti pengundi keturunan Cina di negeri yang terkenal dengan jolokan kubu kuat UMNO sejak berdekad lamanya terbukti mempunyai sikap unik dan penerimaan mereka juga jauh berbeza dari pengundi Cina di negeri lain. Cabaran ini tentunya sukar di mengertikan oleh Kit Siang.

Apatah lagi Ketua MCA Bahagian Gelang Patah, Jason Teoh yang hampir pasti mewakili BN bukannya kecil anak untuk diperlekehkan oleh Kit Siang.

Gambaran awal kegusaran DAP dengan keterampilan Teoh dapat dilihat dari serangan awal jentera propaganda DAP yang mula melakukan sabotaj terhadap pemimpin MCA itu melalui sebuah fan page tiruan.

Teoh yang sudah sekian lama dikenali kerana rekod khidmatnya yang cemerlang dan rapat dengan ramai pengundi di sini, sudah tentu merupakan sandaran kukuh untuk BN mengekalkan penguasaan di Gelang Patah.

Tindakan Kit Siang beralih kawasan sempena PRU 13 dengan bertanding di Gelang Patah sebenarnya boleh diibaratkan seperti menggali kuburnya sendiri. Kekuatan DAP di kawasan Parlimen itu ditambah dengan pengaruh peribadinya sukar untuk meruntuhkan kubu BN di sana.

Malah kekuatan DAP yang kian suram di kawasan ini khususnya di DUN N48 Skudai yang dimenanginya dengan majoriti besar 12,854 undi pada PRU 12 tahun 2008 dulu, meletakkan DAP bukan dalam keadaan selesa untuk merampas Parlimen Gelang Patah dari BN.

Berdasarkan trend terkini menunjukkan pengaruh DAP di DUN Skudai sudah semakin suram dan ada kemungkinan parti itu bakal kehilangan kerusi tersebut. Paling tidak pun DAP cuma berupaya mempertahankannya dengan majoriti kurang dari 2,000 undi, mana-mana satu yang berlaku ia tetap berita buruk untuk DAP.

Sementara satu lagi DUN dalam Parlimen gelang patah iaitu N49 Nusajaya yang dimenangi BN melalui calon UMNO dengan majoriti 7,384 undi pada PRU yang lepas, hampir pasti akan kekal di tangan BN dengan undi majoriti yang lebih tinggi.

Berdasarkan senario ini, sudah pasti PRU 13 bakal menjadi igauan buruk untuk DAP dan nyawa politik Kit Siang akan tamat di Gelang Patah dek kerana terbunuh di tangan Teoh.

Rakyat Johor tidak sabar menantikan saat itu bagi memberi pengajaran supaya politikus kaki panjang seperti Kit Siang yang gemar berpindah randah sana sini untuk kepentingan kerjaya politik sendiri tidak terus dijadikan ikutan.

Pengundi-pengundi Cina tidak mengalu-alukan kepulangan Kit Siang di penghujung hayat politiknya. Mungkin Kit Siang sudah mula rasa kerana pekedai-pekedai Cina tidak mahu bersalaman dengan beliau ketika dia melawat kawasan.

Kenapa dia tidak berada di Johor selama ini? Baru sekarang nak balik ke negeri asalnya.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

UBAH undi ... kepada BN


Anwar TERKAM lepas mahasewel sebut KERJAKAN!


Baca ulasan Papagomo tentang video episod 4 Papa Homo di SINI.

Lambung lagi Gomo, peduli apa mereka kata. Lambung baik-baik baru spike!!!

Biar sikit LEWAT, asal tak LIWAT


Sibuk ajer pembangkang pasal isytihar lewat. Dah gabralah tu sampai ngata-ngata macam-macam ...

RBF pun menegur si badihalol Mahfuz komen pasal lambat PRU

Dulu Mahfuz "Mr Bean" Omar menjadi bahan gelak ketawa kerana nak eja LUNCH pun tak pandai, kemudian kena tipu dengan pembekal maklumatnya hingga dia panggil sidang media kononnya untuk membuat pendedahan pasal IC. Akhirnya surat yang didedahkan surat palsu.
Semalam pula Mr Bean panggil sidang media nak jadi hero balun Najib dengan tuduhan lakukan jenayah demokrasi:
Perdana menteri kini melakukan 'jenayah demokrasi' apabila bertindak menangguhkan pilihan raya umum ke-13 selepas mandat lima tahun kerajaan sekarang berakhir pada 8 Mac lalu, kata Naib Presiden PAS Datuk Mahfuz Omar.

Anggota Parlimen Pokok Sena itu berkata, walaupun mandat lalu telah tamat, pentadbiran Datuk Seri Najib Razak masih belum mengembalikan kuasa untuk memilih kerajaan baru kepada rakyat dengan menangguhkan pilihan raya umum.

"Saya anggap ini satu jenayah demokrasi yang dilakukan BN bagi memastikan mereka terus berkuasa," kata Mahfuz pada sidang media di ibu pejabat PAS petang ini. 

Kalau Najib melakukan jenayah demokrasi kerana tidak membubarkan parlimen, bukankah Khalid Ibrahim, Nik Ajis, Azizan Razak dan LG Eng juga melakukan jenayah demokrasi ?
Baca sepenuhnya di RBF SINI

Kalau nak sangat pilihanraya, bubarkanlah Penang, kedah, kelantan dan Selangor. Kata Khalid akan bubar sebelum dewan rakyat kah kah kah ....

Berikut tarikh bubar otomatik

Dari 2011 mereka nakkan PRU, tunggulah ... beberapa hari saja lagi.

If 5 year did not help PR, longer 21-day campaign will not

The call for a longer election campaign period is a double-edged sword. It can have both favourable and unfavourable consequences. But if the latter outweigh the former, there is merit in keeping the campaign period to the barest minimum.

So far, the call for a 21-day campaign period was made by Pakatan Rakyat which claimed it needed more time to reach the voters. Is this a reasonable request?

The campaign period permitted by law runs from the date of nomination day until polling day. The Election Commission (EC) has already said it will increase the previous period of seven days to 10 days for GE-13. So, is 10 days sufficient time?

There is only a thin line between a campaign period and a pre-campaign period.

In law, a "campaign period", means the period during which any candidate or his election agent is allowed to hold election campaign in the candidate's constituency. This includes, among others, the right to print posters, open offices, hold public rallies, meetings and displays; and distribute election campaign material. These activities are restricted to a candidate's constituency.

The pre-campaign period extends from the end of one general election to the start of the next.

There is even a thinner line between an "election campaign" and "electioneering". Electioneering is defined as activities that politicians and their supporters carry out in order to persuade people to vote for them or their political party, like making speeches and visiting voters.

Given this blurred distinction, it is true to say that political parties have in fact been campaigning from the last general election in 2008.

It is common knowledge that some political parties have been campaigning long and hard over the last five years. If during this period, they have not been able to get their message across to the voters, they probably never will.

Leaders of these parties have held political ceramahs, held politically-motivated public rallies, used the compliant social media, and have even actively campaigned overseas. It was not too long ago when erstwhile election observers came-a-knocking from the Muslim community in the US. The aborted attempt by an independent senator from Down Under is another case in point.

On top of all these, the Opposition parties are also demanding fair airtime on government radio and television. The Information Ministry has said this would be allowed. So, wherefore is the need for a longer campaign period?

Truth be told, fatigue is already setting in among the people who wish to see the back end of elections so that they can go back to living life without the hype and hyperbole normally associated with excessive politicking.

There are media reports of people, especially the younger voters, who say they are put off by the incessant political bickering so much so that they are wondering whether or not they should vote at all.

Businesses are also being affected. Hotels claim that polls uncertainty has impacted their business. Room reservations, and seminar and wedding bookings have suffered since people are adopting a wait-and-see attitude.

By now, most people have already made up their minds whom to vote for. They know which political parties have the capacity to deliver and are aware of their track record.  They also know which politicians make excessive claims and promise the unattainable Utopia. A few are still undecided, and it only needs a brief period to convince them one way or another.

So, a 10-day campaign period is sufficient to put the finishing touches to what has been a protracted campaign.  However, as I said, if after five years the parties have not got their act together and still have not got their message across, they are probably not yet ready to govern.

But, if an extension of the campaign period is being sought with mischievous intent, then no period will be long enough....

(email from Wong Saikim)

Pelbagai helah PAS untuk dapatkan undi


Gambar diatas kelihatan gadis-gadis diguna untuk pancing undi. Tahu mereka muka-muka lebai Taliban  hanya menjauhkan rakyat dari mendekati mereka.

Orang muda mereka guna ustaz cari makan, Azhar idrus yang tiada adab tapi kaya raya dari berdakwah macam Evangelist Christian. Ustaz pakai ferari, motor besar, main gitar rock dll.

Sementara itu, sumber PAS memberitahu mereka akan cuba tonjolkan imej kepimpinan ulama dan perjuangan Islam dalam kempen pilihanraya untuk meraih simpati.


Walaupun mereka yang sebenrnya sudah terpesong dari Islam yang sebenar dan kini beragenda ala sosialis dengan slogan negaara kebajikan, mereka akan cuba tunjukkan BN atau khususnya UMNO sudah lari dari perjuangan Islam.

Biasalah dalam kempen ada pelancaran macam-macam, tapi PAS lancar sesuatu yang tidak akan jadi kerana kerajaan mereka tiada wng kerana habis disalor masuk PAS.

PAS guna taktik kotor menipu rakyat dengan melancar program palsu.

Sultan Selangor melarang berpolitik dalam masjid dan surau tapi tak dihiraukan mereka.

Malahan orang Islam dilarang berucap jika tak sehaluan dengan mereka. Pemimpin politik kafir boleh dibenarkan.

Xavier yang kuat menentang peruntukan dan polisi pembangunan Islam serta juga menindas kaum India boleh dibenarkan tazkirah. Adakah PAS pun mahu sama tentang peruntukan dan pembangunan Islam dalam Selangor?

Mengamalkan politik membenci

Berdendam ...

Menunjukkan skap patriotik yang palsu padahal perajurit kita dihina dan usruan pihak keselamatan di persoalkan dan mahu dicampurtangan.

Dah kata Lahad Datu tapi kenapa Tian CHua sibuk nak bergambar dan tersengih dengan balu perajurit Lahad Datu?

Muka tak tahu malu????

13 kejutan last minute Anwar: Apa lagi kemungkinan?


Pasti ada lagi .... MARI FIKIR-FIKIRKAN apa lagi yang mungkin dilakukan pengkhianat alif ba ta ini

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