Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ahli MIC dah 2 tahun keluar di 'spin' sebagai baru keluar

Media Selangor Ku ini sepatutnya jadi saloran media rasmi kerajaan Selangor tapi sejak salahguna duit kerajaan negeri untuk buat kerjabohong.

Sivalingam menulis pada The Unspinners berikut:

What is the real threat to Hinduism?

Much noise has been made by the Opposition about BN’s choice for Shah Alam, Zulkifli Noordin. When he was a PAS member, he undeniably made some ignorant and disrespectful remarks about Hindus. After becoming a BN friendly candidate, he has finally (and long overdue!) apologized for it, twice.

He never apologized when he was a PAS member all those years ago.

He never apologized when he stood on a PKR ticket for the 2008 elections and won in a seat with more 20% of the voters are Hindus!

He never apologized when he was Anwar Ibrahim’s personal family lawyer.

Furthermore, the leaders of PAS and PKR never told him what he did was wrong. For 10 years, Anwar and Hadi never bothered about Zul’s remarks. Their cries of anger against Zulkifli now are clearly motivated purely by political considerations. Even a child can tell that they are only using this politics and don’t really care about what he did.

On the other hand, MIC leaders immediately criticized him for saying what he did and, have since accepted his apologies. BN has made a clear stand that any racist statements from any BN representative that is disrespectful to the culture and beliefs of any group will be dealt with severely by a joint disciplinary group.

So what is the real threat to Hinduism behind this smokescreen of anger about 10-year old remarks by a former PAS member?

The real threat to Hinduism, and indeed to Christianity, Buddhism etc. is the FACT that PAS is adamant about implementing Hudud. They have said that the DAP disagrees but will NOT oppose it. God only knows what that means. The latest Anwar has said on this is; “for now, in general, in principle, I believe this (Hudud) can be implemented”. Again, good luck interpreting what Anwar means. Meanwhile, Karpal Singh remains the only consistent figure on this, saying that DAP will never allow Hudud. But Karpal does not control the Lim dynasty-run DAP. The father-son Lims are keeping silent hoping to avoid answering difficult questions about their commitment to non-Muslim Malaysians and indeed to Muslim Malaysians to keep Hudud out of Malaysia.

This lack of agreement amongst Pakatan’s top leaders have led to confusion on the ground in terms of their execution. From bans on women hairdressers for men to the demolition of 7 Hindu temples and shrines by PR State Government’s, the consequence of the lack of agreement on Hudud and the rights of non-Muslims is tangible and clear to see.

So to recap, again I ask; which is the real threat to Hinduism;

1) The stupid ignorant remarks a BN candidate said 10 years ago while he was a PAS member about Hindus,


2) The implementation of Hudud which will affect every aspect of a Hindu’s right to worship as he or she sees fit and threaten the very existence of Hindu temples all across the country?

Zulkifli, for all his obvious faults has apologized. All of us were taught by our parents and our priests et al. and our teachers to forgive when someone apologises for their mistake, to give the person a second chance if he or she comes clean about what they have done wrong.

Anwar, Hadi and Kit Siang have not come clean about their real intentions on forcing Hudud on the Malaysian people. Apologies don’t come easy to this trio who still have not apologized for the 7 Hindu temples and shrines demolished by 3 Pakatan Rakyat state Governments since 2008.

So finally; what is the real threat to Hinduism in this General Election and going forward?


  • Anonymous says:
    April 27, 2013 at 10:32:00 AM GMT+8

    tak perlu rasa terganggu dengan dahyah ini yang sengaja dicipta ganggu kempen BN. Fokus terus kepada hentak Khalid Gereja.

  • Anonymous says:
    April 27, 2013 at 11:46:00 AM GMT+8

    Zul Nordin Belum minta maaf kepada Tuhan-Tuhan India kat kuil mereka.

    Ni minta maaf kepada orang India MIC je.


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