Melalui peguam dan orang tengah, Sirul kini kata dia diarah bunuh maka ada pihak rasa dia patut diampunkan dari hukuman membunuh. Sepatutnya polis tidak bunuh orang.

Namun, Sirul mengaku pada polis dia yang bunuh dan sendiri polis bawa ketempat kejadian. Proses mahkamah telah dijalankan. Sirul tidak masuk kandang saksi pertahankan diri dan dalam dokumen mahkamah, tiada pula dedah orang yang arah bunuh selain dari Inspektor Azrilah. Perbincangan di SINI.

Kami mahu dengar pandangan anda samada PATUTKAH SIRUL JALANI HUKUMAN KERANA MEMBUNUH? Nyatakan dalam survey/banci.

Patutkah Sirul dilepaskan dari hukuman kerana membunuh?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Time for DAP to deal with internal party ssues

Now that HRK is over, it is time for DAP to return to deal with the various issues and not use the event as deviation to put the issues under the carpet.

With regard to the so-called technical glitch in the party election results, DAP grassroots members are demanding a fresh new election for the CEC.

Read The Star below:

PETALING JAYA: A DAP branch chairman has called on the party to declare last month's central executive committee elections null and void and fresh polls be held.

K. Yogasigamany, of Taman Chi Lung Indah branch, told a press conference that a fresh election would restore the integrity and public confidence in the party.

“If not, public perception of fraud and manipulation in the polls will linger on. This will affect the image, reputation and credibility of the party,” he said.

Yogasigamany, who claimed to represent 10 branches, said they had received a lot of calls from the members following the announcement of the amendments to the election results.

“The members only come to us as they have no access to the party leadership. We are answerable to them,” he said.

See rest here.

DAP read faced over 1314 mistake here.

There is also the claim of money politics.

Just cause Lim Swee Lin was silenced the night subsequent to the statment does not mean it should be kept underlid.



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