Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Orang UMNO kena ... DAP tak kata salah peribadi

Pada hari Ahad jan 6hb. lepas, The Star melaporkan pembantu kepada exco Pulau Pinang ditangkap dalam kes rasuah:

Exco member’s aide arrested in anti-graft sting

PETALING JAYA: The aide of a Penang state exco member has been arrested in an anti-graft sting.

The man, in his 50s, and two others were arrested for allegedly offering a bribe and abuse of power over a sexual harassment case.

They were alleged to have given RM30,000 to a woman as an inducement for her to drop a sexual harassment complaint on a top civil servant.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission director of investigations Datuk Mustafar Ali confirmed the arrest but declined to elaborate.

The woman, a clerk, had earlier complained that her former employer had sexually harassed her. The civil servant was produced in court to be charged several months ago.

The civil servant then sought the help from his friend, the political secretary. The latter then contacted the woman.

A source familiar with the investigations said that the woman lodged a report with the commission which mounted a sting operation late on the night of Jan 3 at a restaurant in Seberang Jaya.

At the meeting with the woman, three of them allegedly dropped off the hush money to her.

It was only after the money changed hands and the woman was forced to sign a document promising not to continue with the court case, that anti-graft officers moved in.

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Pembantu itu adalah pemegang jawatan dalam PKR Permatang Pauh dan Penyelenggara bagi Anwar Ibrahim. Dikatakan orang kuat di Penanti.

Orang yang ditangkap telah dikenalpasti sebagai .... Baca blog .... SINI.

Pada hari itu juga, cepat saja Lim Guan Eng memberi helah dan disiarkan di The Stra Online pada hari Ahad malam:

Guan Eng: Graft case a personal matter between aide and top civil servant

GEORGE TOWN: Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng has distanced himself from reports that an aide to a state leader has been arrested with two others in a Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) sting here.

Lim said the case was a personal matter between a top civil servant and the aide.

The top civil servant involved is believed to be a district officer.

However, Lim said he would not compromise on corruption.

“The state will hold fast to Pakatan Rakyat's anti-corruption stand and will cooperate fully with MACC,” he said when met at the Hard Rock Hotel here on Sunday.

Ulasan Syed Akbar di SINI dipetik:

This is typical Lim Guan Eng and Pakatan Rakyat bullshit.  Three people who are members of your political faction (Pakatan Rakyat) or members of your State government have been arrested for corruption and you say 'this is a personal matter'? What type of an idiot are you?

If it is a personal matter, why is PKR  in the midst of appointing lawyers? Bodoh.  They offered RM30,000. Where did the money come from? Where did they get RM30,000 in the first place?  Is there a slush fund somewhere to handle these issues?  

And when Guan Eng offered RM50,000 'stipend'  to Tunku Aziz was that personal, not personal, official, semi official, corruption, buying silence or what exactly was it? If the UMNO boys did the same thing, will it also be personal or will it be good old fashioned corruption?

How come it is not a personal matter when the UMNO boys get caught with their pants down? The UMNO boys do seem to have a better track record in handling corruption.
  • Dato Harun was jailed for corruption. UMNO kicked him out of office.
  • Khir Toyo has been found guilty in Court. 
  • The PKFZ case is now in Court. If found guilty people will go to jail. 
  • Lembu Condo case is in Court. Shahrizat has lost her job. If guilty, people will go to jail. 
  • Mat Taib was found INNOCENT by an Australian Court. However Mahathir kicked him out. Slumberjack reappointed him.
  • Anwar Ibrahim was found guilty of corruption by the Court and sentenced to six years jail. UMNO kicked him out.

Now Anwar Ibrahim is the leader of the Pakatan.  A corrupted criminal has been made leader of the Pakatan. The Pakatan Rakyat has become Pakatan Rasuah. Only a people with no moral values and no manners will take a corrupted criminal as their leader. Only a people with no moral values and no manners will say that corruption inside their faction 'is a personal matter'.

Bila nak siasat berikut. 

Dengar dengar Ng Sue Lin kena marah teruk dalam mesyuarat kerana membuat kenyataan di atas malam itu juga!!!:



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