Keadilan buat mangsa

Keadilan buat mangsa

Thursday, January 24, 2013

LGE lies, play racial and religous sentiment

So the Penang To’kong Lim Guan Eng lied…not the first time but still a lie is a lie and this time it is serious, very serious and indeed serious.

He is trying to pass out a true Chinese as a Malay, manipulated the party election result to accommodate this Chinese as a Malay aimed at eye-washing the non-Malay party members and Malaysians in general.

Guan Eng lied about the party election result, then lied about Zairil Khir Johari and he will continue to lie to cover Zairil’s true identity and the coming lies to cover the recent lies are expected to be more believable.

Sure it has to be or else he cannot cover the lies he had created to convince and dupe party members who are calling for re-election but turned down by the party central committee or was it by Guan Eng himself.

Lying is a normal thing to Guan Eng and he seems so natural when he lies as proven time and again when accusations were made against him about his girlfriend rainbow and several other issues that include Zairil.

Guan Eng is no small child and no virgin politician…his moves are all calculated and despite ‘looking like a nerd’, he is no pushover.

Like when he suggested the use of word ‘ALLAH’ for all, he has actually created a deep religious divide between Muslims and Christians in the country which effect is long term and seriously undermine the good relationship Malaysians have all this while.

His suggestion could be viewed as a diversion to the call for re-election in the party but the reality is he is desperately wooing the Christian votes which could help the party stay afloat if Pakatan Rakyat alliance breaks up before the general election.

At present the three parties in Pakatan are bogged down with internal problems as well as ‘clashes of philosophies’ which see them distrusting each other and splitting hairs on many issues.

DAP and Guan Eng himself are facing credibility problem as Malays and Indians in the party doubt his sincerity and acknowledge his chauvinistic character that will not see any other race in the leadership line-up in future.

PKR is losing so much Malay support as the party leaders, particularly Anwar Ibrahim tries hard to put damage control as his ‘stooges’ that included Azrul Azwar of Bank Islam being exposed one-by-one.

For PAS, the party is now taking a hard stand on its fundamentalism philosophy, including the use of the word ‘ALLAH’ which antagonize DAP and PKR.

Given such scenario, Guan Eng is prepared to lie more and play more on racial and religious issues to make sure the party can go on its own if the Pakatan alliance turns sour in the immediate future.
After all, Guan Eng, just like Anwar, has no qualms or guilty feelings as lies to them are just in their blood.


  • Anonymous says:
    January 24, 2013 at 11:40:00 PM GMT+8

    Ramai terlepas pandang bahawa Ah Beng sebenar opportunis kerana setiap langkah di buat di kira kira betul kerana setiap dasar 1M akan memihak kapada Ah Beng.
    Bohong dah lumrah rambut lurus.
    Rasis sebab asal usul pati Ah beng dari pati rasis titik merah.
    Mainan sentimen agama ada lah teras pati Ah beng di Perak.

    Ah beng tidak akan tidak akan lepas satu peluang pun untuk main rasis dan agama.

    Fikir lah : Dengan hati terbuka : Hakikat nya, Ah Beng mendapat sokongan dari semangat liberal terbukaan engage inklusive transformasi KPI KRA
    kelainan world view vernakular 1M4U gajet roadshow, I am open to all your
    ideas and concerns, I am PM for all open sky open door kesamarataan 1M.

    Dengan suntikkan semangat 1M – semua orang di Malaysia bolih minta apa saja cakap apa saja buat apa saja kutup sapa aje tanpa tamuddun tanpa adab tan persekolahan.

    1M juga mengalakkan demonstrasi jalanan yang telah membawa kapada civil disorder.

    Dengan di sediakan prasarana media dan galakkan RM200 untuk beli
    semua jenis gajet dan 1M memberi kebebasan demokraci bersuara tanpa ISA.

    1M mengurangkan penglibatan polis yang mengakibat nya cetusan civil disorder dan ujud lah the defiance gaining momentum dan penghuni negara 1M semacam Namewee Adam Patrik dan Bawangi.

    Dalam semangat 1M ini, Ah Beng pulau pinang yang merupai penyokong kuat di Subang jaya dan di perak dan selangor, telah menyeru 1M terima pemakaiaan Kalimah untuk semua.

    Ah Beng terus buka balik pertelagahan kalimah Islam dalam ucapan tahun baru 2013.
    Ah Beng memberi maana yang penuh kapada 1M.
    Ah Beng pencetus cari fasal dan cari isu.

    Sebab Ah Beng yakin dan tahu 1M memihak kapada nya.

    Sebab Ah Beng tahu main politik yang di ajar olih 1M sendiri,

    Sebab 1M sudah membuka pintu luas dan hampir kunci pintu sudah di campak di lautan Penang.

    1M adalah liberal acuan Obama dan Cameron.Makin amat berani lah Ah beng dan pati nya terbuka lah aggrro mereka.
    Ah Beng yakin 1M tidak berani memarahi Ah Beng sebab Obama dan Cameron akan sergah 1M.

    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak

  • Anonymous says:
    January 25, 2013 at 5:28:00 AM GMT+8

    Aku nak tanya, apa asal usul kit siang? Dalam biografi dia sema mula dengan tahun 66 jadi associate secretary. Sebelum 66 dia buat apa? Duk dalam hutan lawan british? Keje singapore? Apa dia buat? Menghunus senjata...

  • Anonymous says:
    January 25, 2013 at 7:49:00 AM GMT+8

    He is a BIG liar. Remember when he said he saved Penang RM650,000,000? Actually this RM650,000,000 was transferred to the Federal account as a result of the federalization of water assets. The process started in 2005 when the Constitution was amended to make water a concurrent responsibility. With water restructuring all states have to federalize their water assets. Some states have done so including Johor, Perak, Penang, Perlis, Melaka and NS. Do we hear the other states boasting about it? After he claimed this to his credit, I lost any little respect I had for him!


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