Saturday, January 12, 2013

Himpunan 121: Oblivion Deepak to appear at Stadium?

Deepak demanded a bank to issue certain letter as in to solve his massive banking bank problem that arise out of his own bad haibit of selling names and hustling deals.

The Bank cannot simply issue any letters. While management may agree to do so, BAFIA and Bank Negara rules require that Board approval is received. The Bank will have to take teh matter to the next Board meeting due next week.

Deepak refuse to wait and expect himself to be given special treatment by being given the letter immediately on the day he visited the Bank. At one time, he could use the name of the Prime Minister's wife without many questioning and checking his claim.

Today, his lies are blown wide open and no banks would believe him. The Banks are demanding their money Bank and Deepak is stuck.

Greedy Deepak play both sides and eat all

The cocky pariah has also a bigger problem. The press and media are also pissed and hate to be treated with disrespect by Deepak.  Sin Chew is whacking him:

Deepak’s plan

Friday, 11 January 2013

In a similar manner, Deepak is trying to manipulate the media to his advantage in his dealing with certain quarters.

Tay Tian Yan, Sin Chew Daily

Deepak Jaikishan, the businessman on flying mat, showed his face again. Some in the media fraternity had some expectations from him, thinking that he would unveil the true identity of “Black Rose.”

In the end, he kept everyone in suspense once again. He not only shied away from Black Rose, but also stammered at the Selangor state government’s land deals.

He took the reporters for a ride during the press conference, which he had painstakingly designed with a motive.

Deepak is emotionally still very much attached to that 200-plus-acre plot of land as though that property must be his for the taking.

Although that RM30 million was almost in hand, he kept grumbling it was too little for him.

One press conference like that was one too many, but Deepak said he would hold a these every third day for a total of nine shows before he would call it quits.

As a matter of fact, one PC should be more than enough to get things explicitly stated.

For instance, who is the Black Rose? How is he/she related to him? Why did he get private investigator P. Balasubramaniam to issue a second statutory affidavit? How did he and his partner Raja Ropiaah secure that plot of land in Selangor? What was his role in the deal?

Just a few simple questions that warrant no more than a 60-minute PC.

He is like some pop singer holding a farewell concert. The first show was most naturally a sell-out success. The following year, a second farewell concert was staged and the show was still warmly supported by fans. But then another was in the making a year after...

I thought you said you would bow out of showbiz for good? You should have finished up your last song and kissed everyone adieu. Why keep coming back every year with different excuses, trying to make a few more bucks before retirement?

In a similar manner, Deepak is trying to manipulate the media to his advantage in his dealing with certain quarters.

Sure enough, the press knows about this, but some still feel Deepak is of certain newsworthiness while others are just willing to dance in his tempo.

If he keeps putting up shows like this, soon he will playing solo with zero following.

This reminds me of a particular politician who used to call a press conference every other day, not because he had plenty of tips to share with the world but because he was worried he would drift into oblivion if people did not read about him on a daily basis.

He even set the record of calling several PCs at different locations on one single day. Even if he wasn’t the key person in a particular function, he would make every effort to speak to reporters.

When asked why he didn’t tell everything in one go, he replied, “Different things should be said at different places.”

That made Deepak Jaikishan almost an identical twin of him.


With so much problem, Deepak wants to go to Stadium Merdeka and cooperate with the opposition to fabricate lies on the PM and his wife. He express his support at 10:45 AM just now. 

Can a man with so much problem with the Banks and is now selling himself to the opposition - in order to get their help to save himself  - be trusted and be credible?

With the media no more trusting his flippping and flopping from one side to another and back, who will believe him?

Not when he is making alliance with Anwar Ibrahim? Public does not trust Anwar and Anwar knows it.

Deepak plans to work with Harakah but their problem is they lack the depth to understand the technicality of his issues?



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