Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Malays ... can be smart in their politics!

Interesting extracts from this article by CT Ali in Free Malaysia Today:


I no longer see PKR as the weakest link within the Pakatan Rakyat coalition. PAS has been PAS all along and its interest lies more in what is to come in the after-life than what is done here on this earth.

But what concerns me is DAP. Everything DAP does is too contrived, too slick and too rehearsed to be kosher.

I worry that there maybe truth in the adage that the Chinese, who already have economic power in Malaysia, now also wants political power.

Am I talking as a Malay? For sure I am!

The fact is, the Malays are now being asked to forgo political power but in return for what? Well, it cannot be to give political power to DAP?

And if you ask me by DAP, do I mean the Chinese? For sure it I do.

And let not any of you use the “racism” argument to “hantam” me! I am far from the maddening crowd.


More of CT Ali


Opportunistic DAP

Why is there a need for DAP to say that no matter how many seats the party wins in the 13th general election, Anwar Ibrahim will be the prime minister if Pakatan wins?
By inference, does it indicate DAP’s growing confidence that more seats are coming its way?

DAP is a Chinese-dominated political party. Just as Umno is for the Malays and MIC for the Indians.

And when one race dominates any single entity the interest of that race will be of paramount importance to those within that party. This is the reality.

I know that DAP is in with PAS and PKR in the Pakatan coalition because it is politically expedient for it to do so – it’s a marriage of convenience.


Malays are not stupid

I suggest DAP leaders tone down on the rhetoric and allow Lim Kit Siang to be the face of DAP with assistance from Lim Guan Eng (party secretary-general) and Karpal Singh (DAP chairman).

The younger leaders sound too brash and too eager to take on the Barisan Nasional line-up by themselves.

The Malays are not stupid.

The moment they think that giving their votes to Pakatan is a vote towards giving the Chinese political power, there will be a mass defection to Umno by the Malays.

We Malays know what DAP thinks of Anwar. DAP respects Anwar as it does Najib Tun Razak or Muhyddin Yassin and will put up with Anwar if it gives DAP a national platform politically.

What DAP will do with Anwar and how it will “manage” Anwar once he is prime minister is another issue altogether. That is the part that worries me.

What sort of a government will there be if its leaders are not sincere in their attempts at working as an entity with a prime minister they have chosen?

Will it be a case of “give and take” between Anwar and DAP or a matter of “take and take” as DAP consolidates its position within the Pakatan coalition by “managing” Anwar – especially if DAP has more seats than PKR in Parliament.


Last one from CT Ali:


PAS also using Anwar

The Malays also know that PAS is using Anwar for the same reason and PAS, too, has the same opinion of Anwar as DAP has.

But for the Malays PAS is not only Malay but also an Islamic entity, so the Malays are comfortable with PAS.

What the Malays are not comfortable with is giving political power to the Chinese should they cast their vote for Pakatan in the coming polls.

That fine balance of the Chinese having economic power and the Malays having political power must be maintained.

This is not often spoken of in polite society.


Read more here.


  • Anonymous says:
    July 25, 2012 at 8:16:00 PM GMT+8

    What he wrote is actually true.

    In the end those donkeys in Pakatan Haram will acknowledge the truth.

    Or we may wait for cats to grow horns.

  • Tuan Takdak Tuan says:
    July 25, 2012 at 9:25:00 PM GMT+8

    The last paragraph did not quite resemble on what I was thinking, sorry to say that. Apart is, I believe it is Anuari that is trying to manipulate, benefiting from PAS spiritual epidemic influence on the muslims. Terms like, they're the most authoritative subjects in Islam is something that every muslims should Think about more deeply.

    DAP may, or might not wanting to rule the whole country, I'd say. But they're on the right track of getting rid-out every malay and mamak from Penang's island completely, soon! Bagi la 'can' sepenggal lagi kat depa lepas PRU-13 ni. Ramai dlm Pulau ni yg masih teruja nak DAP perintah Pulau Pinang lagi. Sebetulnya, tiada siapapun yg mahukan samada calon melayu dari PAS or PKR yg perintah disini.

    Tanah besar semenanjung, dari segi logistik dan statistik, melayu dan Islam takkan hilang kuasa. Namun, bersedialah utk melepaskan (kehilangan) Pulau Mutiara saja. Orang Melayu berebut nakkan emas dan minyak, orang Cina cuma nakkan tanah dan laut mutiara saja. Orang melayu mana ada suka beli rantai, loket, cincin, gelang mutiara. Beli emas banyak la, lepas tu pi pajak atau gadai dikedai Cina jugak. Sapa pandai? Hehehe.. :P


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