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Namun, Sirul mengaku pada polis dia yang bunuh dan sendiri polis bawa ketempat kejadian. Proses mahkamah telah dijalankan. Sirul tidak masuk kandang saksi pertahankan diri dan dalam dokumen mahkamah, tiada pula dedah orang yang arah bunuh selain dari Inspektor Azrilah. Perbincangan di SINI.

Kami mahu dengar pandangan anda samada PATUTKAH SIRUL JALANI HUKUMAN KERANA MEMBUNUH? Nyatakan dalam survey/banci.

Patutkah Sirul dilepaskan dari hukuman kerana membunuh?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Zul Nordin exposed secret pact for Chinese domination!

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 28 — Zulkifi Noordin alleged today that there was a “secret contract” between PKR and DAP that will ensure Chinese dominance should Pakatan Rakyat (PR) take over Putrajaya.

The Kulim Bandar-Baharu MP, an ex-PKR MP turned independent critic of the opposition, claimed that even PAS was not aware of the contract in an inflammatory speech in Parliament today.

“The contract promises that Chinese leaders in DAP will be given autonomy in Penang,” said Zulkifli told Parliament during the debate on Budget 2011.

The independent MP who was once closely associated with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim lashed out at DAP, calling it a “chauvinist-infected party” and accused the party of being responsible for the May 13 riots in 1969.

“[Should PR take power] Malay candidates will be put in Negeri Sembilan and Perak. And if they win (in the states), they will pick a menteri besar from DAP to head the states,” he said.

Zulkifli and other independents in Parliament, who were former PR lawmakers, have denied claims that they are Barisan Nasional (BN) supporters, but his speech today echoes the oft used Umno line when attacking PR.

The Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP, however did not provide any details to his accusations as his speech was abruptly cut short by Deputy Speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Jaafar.

Earlier on in his speech, Zulkifli said that Malaysians needed to be re-educated on the details of the May 13 riots so that they couls be “exposed to the truth” of the DAP.

What the party is doing, is they are playing up the same pattern of inciting racial hatred against the Malays despite being warned by Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj against doing so,” said Zulkifli.

According to him, the country’s first prime minister had warned DAP back then to not “question” Article 153 of the constitution as well as Malay rights.

“And this is exactly what DAP is doing now,” said Zulkifli.

The independent MP also defended Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s recent alleged inflammatory statements during the Umno general assembly, saying that Najib was “misquoted” by opposition.

Najib has come under heavy fire from the opposition for saying that he wanted to defend Putrajaya at all costs, as PR lawmakers have even brought up the matter in Parliament earlier this week.

Tunku: Actually, it is an open secret that DAP will be given autonomy in Penang if they wins the GE. Anwar is willing to do that and some PAS leaders are aware of that. That is why Karpal is all out to defend Anwar in his sodomy case although he knows very well that Anwar is a sodomizer.

The Malays should realized that DAP will ruin them if they come to power with the help of PKR and PAS. They will be sidelined forever. Wake up and together we unite and fight DAP's evil agenda.

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Dedahkan lagi Zul, dedahkan. Peduli si penipu Pincohio Lim panggil kamu gila. CIna pakai Brylcreem takut sama orang berani giler-giler.


  • Anonymous says:
    October 30, 2010 at 9:02:00 PM GMT+8

    There are some Malays who are naive enough to believe that DAP is of no threat to them. These people do not understand DAP's mentality as they've never interacted with them in their daily lives. If we told the Malays in Singapura 100 years ago that they will be displaced in their own country by the Chinese, they would never believe it. Look at today's Singapura, the country is swamped with Chinese. So it's the same here. Our great great grandchildren will have to bear the consequence of our current action.

  • warisantmk says:
    October 31, 2010 at 8:21:00 AM GMT+8

    The IMMIGRANT CHINESE used to attempt to take over Tanah Melayu immediately after the Japanese surrender in 1945. At that time, their 'political vehicle' was the MALAYAN COMMUNIST PARTY(MCP), a branch of the COMMUNIST PARTY OF CHINA. Their plot was only foiled by the returning British. Otherwise, Tanah Melayu could have turned into one of the provinces of CHINA.

    When the Malays under the leadership of UMNO managed to force the British to rescind the MALAYAN UNION and replaced it with PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU(PTM) in 1948, it was the CHINESE IMMIGRANTS, under the MCP again who opposed the formation of the PTM, to the extend that they took up ARMED INSURRECTION against the PTM, which led to the declaration of EMERGENCY and the BANNING of the MCP.

    The crushing defeat of MCP in 1960, and the lifting of the state of emergency, must have led to the 'retreating and regrouping' of the COMMUNIST ELEMENTS into legal political organisation, to continue with their CHINESE STRUGGLE.

    When Singapore became part of MALAYSIA in 1963, the CHAUVANIST CHINESE 're-grouped' themselves under the PAP SINGAPORE, under Lee Kwan Yew. The expulsion of Singapore in 1965 led to the formation of DAP as a new 'political vehicle' for the CHAUVANIST CHINESE.

    Ever since its debut in 1969 General Election, DAP has been the BIGGEST THREAT to the peace and stability of this Malay Lands of ours. It was their VICTORY PARADES along main streets of KL immediately after the General Election, during which INSULTS AND PROVOCATIONS were thrown at Malays, which had sparked the 13th May tragedy.

    Its time that the Government seriously consider BANNING political parties who harbour objectives CONTRARY TO THE SPIRIT of our country's Constitution. DAP's 'Malaysian Malaysia' concept is NOT IN LINE with the FOUNDATIONS of this nation. Unless and until DAP abandon such objectives, DAP will continue to FUEL racial disharmony, which may one day detonate the Lim Kit Siang's TIME BOMB.

  • Anonymous says:
    October 31, 2010 at 12:51:00 PM GMT+8

    sampai skang zul ni masih membisu, jadi apa sgt hujah die yg boleh pakai...ckp xde bukti

    yg gambar ni beserta skali bukti

  • Anonymous says:
    October 31, 2010 at 12:51:00 PM GMT+8


  • Anonymous says:
    October 31, 2010 at 3:30:00 PM GMT+8

    Pejuang Islam ni tak pula marah apabila : rasuah tak dibendung..Judi dan maksiat berleluasa... Menjadikan KL hub hiburan bertaraf dunia ... Islam dan hukumnya di perlekeh oleh juakxnya....


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