Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't claim you are not a hypocrit, Zaid!

Zaid the cry baby that is forever a sore loser and kaki merajuk

His response to losing the Hulu Selangor was I accept the loss.

If he had accepted the loss, he shouldn't be claiming there was vote buying. Didn't we say all along the road the signs written "Projek Pakatan Rakyat" in Hulu Selangor.

What is this then? Read blog Fatamorgana here and Media Cyber here

What about the various offer and spending by Kerajaan Negeri. How about vote buying at RM500 per family? That is corruption!

Don't be a hypocrit to accuse others and yet his side was doing the same, in fact worse! They were spending money on outright vote buying!

Zaid has yet to explain how he as a trustee could end up controlling the whole company and own UMNO Kota Baru building in which he only completed 20% of the remain?

If he had accepted loss, he would have not be reported below:
Umno's 'hypocritical kakis' to be exposed

Free Malaysia Today Wed, 28 Apr 2010 16:34

PETALING JAYA: PKR supreme council member Zaid Ibrahim has embarked on a mission to expose Umno's “kaki botol”, “kaki judi” and “kaki perempuan” – alcoholics, gamblers and womanisers.

Speaking to reporters at his residence in Tropicana here, the former law minister said he is set to open the can of worms on the Umno “hypocrites”.

"You cannot call me kaki botol and spare the other Umno leaders. We will expose this hypocrisy," vowed the prominent lawyer-turned-politician.

Promising to reveal their names, Zaid, with a twinge of sarcasm, called his tit-for-tat the “Let's get to know our ministers better” campaign.

Read sore loser further here
If he wish to expose, fine. We will want to remove all the kaki in UMNO.

Why is he sore about? He acknowledged he drank and even lied to say he stop drinking which in fact he is still drinking wine.

That's hypocritical.

He acknowledged owning race horses. But how are we to believe his denial of gambling when his horse ran races and is reported on horse racing websites?

Horse that ran for races are entitled to win when placed between 1-6 from money bet. Is that not gambling?

By lying, is he not a hypocrit?

It seemed he is filing a claim that there was vote rigging and pandering by EC.

Another case of sore loser and egoistic lawyer. Court court court ... saman saman saman ... if he loses in court, he will say court unfair and he is the only one capable of understanding the law.

This reflect the narrow mindedness of lawyers and Zaid in particular. Eveything must be referred to the courts. The court process will be a long drawn process and it serves nothing more than to fulfill lawyers ego..

Zaid should not just blame BN because many are stabbing him from the back from within PKR. Read Azmin, Shamsul Iskandar, the Islamist faction, and even Anwar possibly.

By the time he realised he was played out, we believe he will get into his typical tantrum to merajuk and quit. It just proves to detractors of Zaid that the man is a political loser and cannot sustain a struggle.


  • Anonymous says:
    April 29, 2010 at 11:32:00 AM GMT+8

    ada baiknya si zaid ni dipecat UMNO.kalau dia masih dalam UMNO,pembangkang akan buat camna yg kita dok buat kat Hulu Sel.mangkok ni sebenarnya easy target.mmg sah PKR tukang kutip sampah UMNO..yg pengutip tu pun asalnya sampah UMNO jugak.cumanya pengutip ni sampah UMNO paling besar.

  • Anonymous says:
    April 29, 2010 at 1:21:00 PM GMT+8

    As a Lawyer he should be ashamed of himself..

    HARAM means ILLEGAL.. ikut Ajaran Quran, arak dan judi tu haram..

    Boleh ke kita mencuri dan berzina pasai siPolan pun pencuri dan berzina jugak?

    Thats exactly what he is trying to proof,

    auta ler Mamat tua ni!!




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